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Wary 501 beta

February 04, 2011 — BarryK
This is a beta of the next release of Wary, a "minor upgrade and bug fix" release. Not yet quite ready for public consumption.

If you would like to put this pup through his paces, go for it:

If you have already downloaded Wary 5.0, there are small delta files to make upgrading easy (see 'Xdelta file difference manager' in the 'Utility' menu).

There are improvements to upgrading a save-file, so feedback on that is welcome. Lots of other improvements too.

The kernel is, same as in Wary 5.0. I will be uploading a build with "" kernel, but I found a bug with booting an "ide" kernel which I intend to fix tonight -- then intend to upload the build tomorrow.


Summary of changes?

Curious case of the disappearing cursor
Username: Sage
"Seems OK, but... The PPM really ought to include Opera11 and Midori! In the PPM, put in Opera, red message box - not available. The cursor disappears in the main PPM box but not the outer desktop area nor the red box, itself. Hit <Enter>, red box closes, cursor now active across entire PPM box. Weird?

Will Wary ...
Username: GCMartin
"Thanks Barry. This version seems to address many of the things that were found recently. Looks like you aiming for stability and correctness in this one. Thanks. [b]One Question:[/b] I noticed your mention of uni-processor. Is WARY intended, merely, for uni's? Also, SeaMonkey was very stable for me in the last release! Good implementation with chatzilla. Thanks, and looking forward to ...

Username: GCMartin
"Shinobar's "Firstrun" might be a good addition to your packaging as it avoids a whole lot when it takes LiveCD users directly to the desktop to complete session configuration. Seem to have thought-thru well and might be a good simple approach to add. Should make all users much happier getting to desktop rather than the thought single-thread thought process that usually occurs. Just a thought.

Changes in 501
Username: BarryK
"Terryphi, You will have to read my blog to find out changes. When the next final release comes out, the release notes will have a summary of changes.

Re uniprocessor
Username: BarryK
"GCMartin, Wary 501 is built with an SMP-enabled kernel, same as 5.0. I will be uploading a variant with uniprocessor "ide" kernel tomorrow. I will probably also do a build with a more recent kernel, soon.

Wary feedback
Username: zigbert
"I took a brief look at this Wary. Looks really solid to me. I have of course some minor comments. Snap2 I was looking at Snap2 as a replacement of Pbackup (it is not much maintained lately). It was my first bash-script ever, and the code is a completely mess. Nearly impossible to understand my own code. Luckily, there has not been many bugreports over the last year. Ok, back to Snap2. What I will tell is that rsync seems to be missing. I got a message during startup. ffplay I did some testing with ffplay. To see how it could be used as a media-player. It plays well all kinds of formats, but I was not able to show a stream. But the biggest issue is the lack of piping feature.... At least, with my skills, I couldn't pipe output from ffmpeg into ffplay. Since ffplay misses navigation features, this must be controlled by an external source (like ffmpeg). This is the way Pmusic works. SDL Now, when ffplay hasn't reached the stage as a working platform (My conclusion), Bugerspace (and possible other SDL games) are the only one that requires SDL. Personal, I think this is somewhat bloated in a Puppy system. Ptooltips This tiny tool to make tooltips in gtkdialog code is absolutely outdated. Vorbiscomment This is a tool to tag ogg audio files. Used by Pmetatagger. Both Pmetatagger and Pmusic can tag ogg files by using id3tag. As I see it, vorbiscomment is not necessary - as other tools does the job and no apps depends on it. Pmetatagger Pmusic 1.6 offers an improved interface to tag huge collections of audio-files. Pmetatagger has a very limited use, and since Puppy doesn't ship AtomicParsley to support i-tunes tagging, the only benefit of Pmetatagger is the ability to tag flac-files. If this is the only reason for keeping Pmetatagger, I could add flac-tagging to Pmusic.

Wary feedback 2
Username: zigbert
"Pmount Did you know that it is very easy to align the output of Pmount. I have edited only 3 lines to get it aligned: [code]Line 277: PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox><text width-request=\"30\"><label>\"\"</label></text><text width-request=\"130\"><label>${DEVNAME} ${ONEFS} ${ONESIZE}</label></text><text width-request=\"80\"><label>\"\"</label></text><button width-request=\"90\"><label>$m_09</label><action type=\"exit\">DOMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}</action></button></hbox>" Line 293: FREEINSERT="<text width-request=\"80\"><label>${ONEFREE} $m_08</label></text>" Line 314: PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox><button width-request=\"30\"><input file>${MINIFOLDERXPM}</input><action>rox -d ${ONEMNTPT} &</action></button><text width-request=\"130\"><label>${DEVNAME} ${ONEFS} ${ONESIZE}</label></text>${FREEINSERT}<button width-request=\"90\"><label>$m_10</label>${INVISBUT}<action type=\"exit\">UNMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}_${ONEMNTPT}</action></button></hbox>"[/code][img][/img] Xload It would look really cool if Xload showed green/blue graph instead of red. All the tray-icons except Xload has the same look. I edited the xload code in /root/.jwmrc_tray: [code]xload -nolabel -bg "#777777" -fg green -hl "#235A29"[/code][img][/img]

Wary feedback 3
Username: zigbert
"Puppy-Podcast-Grabber This is our long-existed podcast manager. It does the job, but you have to check for new podcasts manually. This is fixed in Pmusics builtin podcast manager which uses Pschedule to define time for automatic podcast checking. Pmusic also offers an updated gui. As long as PPG is in the JWM menu, user might think Puppy doesn't include a modern Podcast tool, and this is somewhat misleading. Maybe the menu description of Pmusic should be changed from 'audio player' to 'music, radio and podcast'...... All in all - a wonderful Puppy Sigmund

Wary init script
Username: GCMartin
"JamesBond, in the past, had surfaced a problem in the [b]init script[/b]. Will any resolution to that problem be corrected in WARY? And, will other, newer PUPs benefit from that correction? Hope this helps

pmount ordering
Username: K Godt
"for pmount : [code] #DEVNAME LENGHTD=`echo $DEVNAME | wc -L` if test "$LENGHTD" = "4"; then FILLD=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTD" = "5"; then FILLD="";fi #ONESIZE LENGHTS=`echo $ONESIZE | wc -L` if test "$LENGHTS" = "0";then FILLS=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTS" = "1";then FILLS=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTS" = "5";then FILLS=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTS" = "6";then FILLS=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTS" = "7";then FILLS="";fi #ONEFREE LENGHTF=`echo $ONEFREE | wc -L` if test "$LENGHTF" = "0";then FILLF=" ";fi if test "$LENGHTF" = "7";then FILLF="";fi [/code] Inserting ${FILLD} ${FILLS} at the proper place at [both] PARTSGUI and ${FREEF} at FREEINSERT seems to be more accurate. Note : At my current Puppy (430) I need to double SPACE for correct results. [code]PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox>${FREEINSERT}<button><input file>${MINIFOLDERXPM}</input><action>rox -d ${ONEMNTPT} &</action></button><text><label>${DEVNAME} ${FILLD} ${ONEFS} ${FILLS} ${ONESIZE}</label></text><button><label>UNMNT</label>${INVISBUT}<action type=\"exit\">UNMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}_${ONEMNTPT}</action></button></hbox>"[/code] [code]FREEINSERT="<text><label>${FILLF} ${ONEFREE} free</label></text>"[/code]

pmount diff
Username: K Godt
"# diff /initrd/pup_ro2/usr/sbin/pmount `which pmount` [code]49c49 < m_09="MOUNT" --- > m_09=" MOUNT " 131c131 < [ -f /root/.pmountengine ] && PMOUNTENGINE="`cat /root/.pmountengine`" --- > [ -f $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountengine ] && PMOUNTENGINE="`cat $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountengine`" 141c141 < [ -f /root/.pmountsingle ] && SINGLEFLAG="`cat /root/.pmountsingle`" --- > [ -f $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountsingle ] && SINGLEFLAG="`cat $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountsingle`" 145c145 < [ -f /root/.pmountquit ] && PMOUNTQUIT="`cat /root/.pmountquit`" --- > [ -f $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountquit ] && PMOUNTQUIT="`cat $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountquit`" 158,159c158,160 < if [ -e /sys/block/fd0 ];then < DISKINFO="/dev/fd0|floppy|floppy disk drive --- > #if [ -e /sys/block/fd0 ];then > for i in `ls /sys/class/block | grep 'fd[0-9]*' | sort -r` ; do > DISKINFO="/dev/$i|floppy|floppy disk drive 161c162 < PARTSINFO="/dev/fd0|vfat|1440 --- > PARTSINFO="/dev/$i|vfat|1440 163c164,165 < fi --- > done > #fi[/code]

pmount diff 2
Username: K Godt
"[code]245a248,258 > > format_space_func(){ > [ "$VAR1" = "7" ] && VAR2=" " ##dunno why not ""... > [ "$VAR1" = "6" ] && VAR2=" " ##dunno why double space " " for one > [ "$VAR1" = "5" ] && VAR2=" " > [ "$VAR1" = "4" ] && VAR2=" " > [ "$VAR1" = "3" ] && VAR2=" " > [ "$VAR1" = "2" ] && VAR2=" " > [ "$VAR1" = "1" ] && VAR2=" " > [ "$VAR1" = "0" ] && VAR2=" " > } 250a264,268 > echo $ONEDEV $DEVNAME > VAR1=`echo $DEVNAME | wc -L` > echo $VAR1 > format_space_func > fillD="$VAR2" 253a272,276 > VAR1=`echo $ONEFS | wc -L` > echo $VAR1 > format_space_func > [ "$ONEFS" = "vfat" ] && VAR2=" " > fillFS="$VAR2" 261,266c284,285 < if [ $ONESIZEK -gt 99 ];then < ONESIZE="`expr $ONESIZEK \/ 1024`M" < else < ONESIZE="`dc $ONESIZEK 1024 \/ p`" < ONESIZE="`printf "%.1f" $ONESIZE`M" < fi --- > ONESIZE="`dc $ONESIZEK 1024 \/ p`" > ONESIZE="`printf "%.1f" $ONESIZE`M" 267a287 > 268a289,292 > VAR1=`echo $ONESIZE | wc -L` > echo $VAR1 > format_space_func > fillS="$VAR2" 275c299 < PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox><text><label>${DEVNAME} ${ONEFS} ${ONESIZE}</label></text><button><label>$m_09</label><action type=\"exit\">DOMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}</action></button></hbox>" [/code]

pmount diff 3
Username: K Godt
"[code]--- > PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox><text><label>\"${DEVNAME}${fillD}$fillFS${ONEFS}${fillS}${ONESIZE}\"</label></text><button><label>\"$m_09\"</label><action type=\"exit\">DOMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}</action></button></hbox>" 284,289c308,309 < if [ $FREEK -gt 99 ];then < ONEFREE="`expr $FREEK \/ 1024`M" < else < ONEFREE="`dc $FREEK 1024 \/ p`" < ONEFREE="`printf "%.1f" $ONEFREE`M" < fi --- > ONEFREE="`dc $FREEK 1024 \/ p`" > ONEFREE="`printf "%.1f" $ONEFREE`M" 291c311,314 < FREEINSERT="<text><label>${ONEFREE} $m_08</label></text>" --- > VAR1=`echo $ONEFREE | wc -L` > format_space_func > fillF="$VAR2" > FREEINSERT="<text><label>\"${fillF}${ONEFREE} $m_08\"</label></text>" 312c335 < PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox><button><input file>${MINIFOLDERXPM}</input><action>rox -d ${ONEMNTPT} &</action></button><text><label>${DEVNAME} ${ONEFS} ${ONESIZE}</label></text>${FREEINSERT}<button><label>$m_10</label>${INVISBUT}<action type=\"exit\">UNMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}_${ONEMNTPT}</action></button></hbox>" ---[/code]

pmount diff 4
Username: K Godt
"[code]> PARTSGUI="${PARTSGUI}<hbox>${FREEINSERT}<button><input file>${MINIFOLDERXPM}</input><action>rox -d ${ONEMNTPT} &</action></button><text><label>\"${DEVNAME}${fillD}${fillFS}${ONEFS}${fillS}${ONESIZE}\"</label></text><button><label>\"$m_10\"</label>${INVISBUT}<action type=\"exit\">UNMOUNT_${ONEDEV}_${ONEFS}_${ONEMNTPT}</action></button></hbox>" 327c350 < <button><label>$m_11</label> --- > <button><label>\"$m_11\"</label> 352c375 < <button><input file stock=\"gtk-refresh\"></input><label>$m_13</label> --- > <button><input file stock=\"gtk-refresh\"></input><label>\"$m_13\"</label> 355c378 < <button><input file stock=\"gtk-quit\"></input><label>$m_14</label></button> --- > <button><input file stock=\"gtk-quit\"></input><label>\"$m_14\"</label></button> 397c420 < <text><label>$m_16</label></text> --- > <text><label>\"$m_16\"</label></text> 399c422 < <label>$m_17</label> --- > <label>\"$m_17\"</label>[/code]

pmount diff 5
Username: K Godt
"[code]404c427 < <text><label>$m_18</label></text> --- > <text><label>\"$m_18\"</label></text> 406c429 < <label>$m_19</label> --- > <label>\"$m_19\"</label> 411c434 < <text><label>$m_20</label></text> --- > <text><label>\"$m_20\"</label></text> 413c436 < <label>$m_21</label> --- > <label>\"$m_21\"</label> 428,431c451,455 < [ "$NEWENGINEFLAG" = "true" ] && echo -n "mut2" > /root/.pmountengine < [ "$NEWENGINEFLAG" = "false" ] && echo -n "default" > /root/.pmountengine < echo "$NEWSINGLEFLAG" > /root/.pmountsingle < echo "$NEWPMOUNTQUIT" > /root/.pmountquit --- > [ ! -d $HOME/Choices/Puppy ] && mkdir -p $HOME/Choices/Puppy > [ "$NEWENGINEFLAG" = "true" ] && echo -n "mut2" > $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountengine > [ "$NEWENGINEFLAG" = "false" ] && echo -n "default" > $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountengine > echo "$NEWSINGLEFLAG" > $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountsingle > echo "$NEWPMOUNTQUIT" > $HOME/Choices/Puppy/.pmountquit[/code]

pmount diff comments
Username: K Godt
"gtkdialog is difficult to render . Variables seem to need \" $loc_XY \" inside <label> to render properly . I put my way into a function now . If you have 2 short letters like in 'vfat' , there is need for an additional " " ( one space ) for a fill difference with [:blank:] compared to 'ext3' , which has only one short letter . Because of these confusions , I really started to dislike gtkdialog , also because of always returning errormessages @exit $PROG , while hacking the code . I also would like the idea to put as few hidden files as possible on Top Level of $HOME , candidates are .pup_event , .packages also f.ex. Posting from technosaurus Midory running dpup-001 by Iguleder , which he had taken from the server . All The best !

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