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Wary 502 Beta

February 06, 2011 — BarryK
Wary 501 has at least one bug in the 'init' script in the initrd, due to grep not working as expected. I made further changes to the init script to get the "ide kernel" to boot properly, which exacerbated the situation, and I finally fixed it by putting in the full grep executable in the initrd.

Wary 5.0.2 is a beta release, not yet for public consumption. It is built with the the kernel configured for uniprocessor and the "ide" drivers. The latter means that internal ide/ata drives will show up as /dev/hda, /dev/hdb, etc.

I will be interested to know if this "ide kernel" makes any difference to those who reported booting problems with Wary 5.0 on certain very old hardware. Well, I think that was only two people, and besides, we are not really certain that the kernel is to blame. Anyway, play with this.

I am also interested to know if anything misbehaves with the ide kernel, that worked ok before. It could be that a script expects an optical drive to be /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1, but with the ide kernel that would only be for the case of USB or SCSI optical drives -- ide/ata optical drives would be /dev/hd*.

Note for script programmers, this will find all optical drives:

probedisk2 | grep '|optical|'

Download Wary 502beta from here:

Note, the 501 'devx' can be renamed to wary_devx_502.sfs.


502 feedback
Username: BarryK
Here is a forum thread for feedback: Note: zigbert, I have not yet had time to implement you suggestions, posted for 501.

Username: zekebaby
"I get this new error message when booting 502beta: /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE: Line 9: ATAOPTICALDRIVES: command not found No other side effects. Computer is a Panasonic Toughbook CF-T2 with NO CD or DVD drive.

Username: Sage
"Having no trouble with this one, nor the previous release. Tried it on uni-754 on ide line rather than SATA and various SktA boards. Not being a coder, have no idea what is under the hood, but notation is arbitrary, in use,anyway - could equally call them 'Orin's DVD' and 'Sheila's storage' . Users trust developers! And Wary5 is fantastic on all my 50+ running machines - except the ARM device...

Username: BarryK
"zekebaby, That is strange, I can't see what could cause that problem. Would you kindly post the content of /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE?

Username: BarryK
"Aaaah, I'm blind. I left the leading # of the ATADRIVES comment line: [code]echo '#ATADRIVES is all internal ide/pata/sata drives, excluding optical, excluding usb...' >> /pup_rw/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE echo "ATADRIVES='$ATADRIVES'" >> /pup_rw/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE echo '#ATAOPTICALDRIVES is list of non-usb optical drives...' >> /pup_rw/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE echo "ATAOPTICALDRIVES='$ATAOPTICALDRIVES'" >> /pup_rw/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE[/code] That is in the 'init' script in the initrd. So, it will be fixed in the next build of Wary.

Username: BarryK
"I meant, the ATAOPTICALDRIVES comment line.

Username: Sage
"??? Didn't seem to adverse affect the systems I used this morning, including an upgrade (FULL) ??? Optical drives signed on OK and functioned as expected. What should've happened?

Sun Micro System
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I was given 3 Sun Micro Systems blade 1500's. They are pretty nice Pc's, but they use sparc 64 cpu's, so puppy doesn't work on them. Since Oracle has taken over Sun Micro Systems, everything is about profit, and well Solaris, is shareware, and Open Solaris is a net boot os, a real pain and doesn't use traditional Linux partitions. I've tried about 10 other Linux distros and the best was a debian sparc, but its very slow and should run very fast, I have a feeling its the video driver. I was wondering If I sent you a blade 1500 motherboard and power supply, would you feel like building a Woof version using debian packages and maybe a compiled kernel?, really I think it would be godsend for a lot of sparc cpu users. If you think you would like to build a woof version, just pm me with your address @ and I'll post the MB+cpu+mem and PS to you. I would post the case but, Its really heavy, about 3X the regular weight. thanks ttuuxxx

Re Sun Blade 1500
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, Noooo! :happy: I am already overloaded. In between everything I am trying to do a bit of house renovating (my own house this time). Plus I am trying to simplify things and move more toward "retired status". So, don't want to take on anything new like that.

Small iso?
Username: gjuhasz
"Barry, 502 is a well updated collection. It runs fine for me after the minor bugs have been corrected based on the forum thread. Thanks. Do you intend to build small iso version of the next Wary(s)?

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