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zzz: improve SNS wireless scan

February 03, 2011 — BarryK
I have a test version of /usr/local/simple_network_setup/ in my 'zzz' PET (enhancement package for Woof built puppies, mostly regarding analog and wireless modem detection and setup). 'zzz' is in Wary 5.0, not in Lucid 5.2. Search "zzz:" for earlier posts to this blog.

A couple of times I have booted up and SNS failed to connect to my Telstra MF30 Mobile Wi-Fi. I examined the log in /tmp/simple_network_setup/rc_network_wireless_connection_log, and saw that the scan returned:

wlan0 No scan results

There is supposed to be a fallback of 'sleep 2' then retry in the script, but that was not kicking in. So, I have fixed the script so that it does kick in. Hopefully that will provide enough delay to obtain a proper scan.

zzz versus Woof
Note, scripts such as /usr/local/simple_network_setup/ are in Woof and also in my 'zzz' package -- the latter overrides the former when building a Puppy (if the zzz pkg is in the package list).
However, I am tending to work on the scripts in 'zzz' and neglect the same in Woof, so I really do need to make a decision soon whether to merge 'zzz' into Woof.


Maybe time to begin to think about this too.
Username: gcmartin
[url=]Now What[/url] Maybe we need a Pup who is a router to provide IP6 services into the Internet...and soon. Android and Internet TV and other LAN devices have already started the tidal wave heading our way. Better we understand, now, rather than wait for its impact. Hope this helps

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