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March 10, 2011 — BarryK
I reported earlier that I had managed to compile all of the analog modem drivers for the kernel, except for the agrsm048pci driver.

Well, I have now managed to compile it. Somehow I overlooked the source package dated '2.1.60_20100108' here:

I commented-out some 'printk' lines that overlap the normal boot messages, and uploaded my patched source here:

I have updated the PET, that is used in Woof when building a Puppy (30.0MB):

...the driver is big, bumps the PET up from 29.4MB to 30.0MB.


Linux kernel

Re 2.6.32.x
Username: BarryK
"The latest is No, I will wait awhile. Perhaps for Wary 5.2.

Udev Bug
Username: perthie
"All woof-built puppies contain the udev rules file 55-cups.rules. It contains the invalid pattern match "lp[0-15]*". This is effectively the same as "lp[0-1]*" and only allows lp0 and lp1. A third printer is ignored. The correct syntax should be "lp[0-9]*".

Re udev rule
Username: BarryK
"perthie, Thanks, I fixed it. What is also weird, the next line has lp[0-7]*

udev rule
Username: broomdodger
"[code]I suspect the first one should have been lp[0-f] as they are in hexidecimal format, somewhere it was translated into binary. [/code]No that would not be correct to find hex, use [0-9a-f] [0-f] would find all decimal numbers, some punctuation, all uppercase letters, more punctuation, and lowercase a-f

how to quote
Username: broomdodger
"oops! How do I quote someone's comment? code does not work.

Udev CUPS Rule Ad Nauseum
Username: perthie
"Udev applies the standard rules for regular expressions. So lp[0-15] is actually matching lp0,lp1 and lp5.

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