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BaCon 1.0.22pre-20110315

March 15, 2011 — BarryK
Also see previous blog announcement:

I made a mistake with packaging of the BaCon PET. The '' file is a runtime library required by HUG applications (if they have been compiled to link against it and not standalone). So there needs to be two PET packages:

Runtime PET (45KB):

Development PET, for the 'devx' SFS (677KB):

For Woof developers, the entry in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE must now be:


And the database entries in file Packages-puppy-quirky-official:

bacon-1.0.22pre-20110315|bacon|1.0.22pre-20110315||BuildingBlock|220K|||+gtk+|runtime library for BaCon HUG gui apps|puppy|wary5||
bacon_DEV-1.0.22pre-20110315|bacon_DEV|1.0.22pre-20110315||BuildingBlock|2932K|||+gtk+,+bacon|Basic programming language compiler, you need the 'devx' sfs loaded also|puppy|wary5||

Note that I had previously named the runtime library '', however ldconfig does not recognise it, so it is renamed to ''. This also required modification of /usr/share/BaCon/hug_imports.bac.


Bacon Internationalization
Username: L18L
Hi Barry, I had some troubles using the mistaken package, then used bacon.bash. Don't mind, my greenbottles example (bacon forum) is working now. Regards and thanks for your tutorial

Internationalisation GUI
Username: L18L
"Hi Barry, BaCon 1.0.22pre-20110315 is running fast: [code]# time bacon greenbottles.bac Starting conversion... done. Starting compilation... done. Program 'greenbottles' ready. real 0m6.041s user 0m2.952s sys 0m0.260s # time bacon -x greenbottles.bac Starting conversion... done. Executing xgettext... done. Starting compilation... done. Program 'greenbottles' ready. real 0m6.903s user 0m3.040s sys 0m0.288s #[/code] on 1.5 GHz wary Greenbottles example is working in GUI now, although not yet ready for "public consumption". more in the Bacon forum Best regards

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