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Gnash 0.8.9

March 27, 2011 — BarryK
I have been through the exercise of compiling the latest Gnash Flash player and browser plugin.

It is still far too immature to use. I couldn't get it to work as a browser plugin, as when I tried to play a video on YouTube, there was an error message that Gnash needs the AGG renderer, although it is supposed to work with the Cairo renderer. I did a search, others have hit this problem also.

I tried the standalone player, and it played one of three .swf files.

So, I will stick with the Adobe player. For building a smaller system, I might use technosaurus's trick of making the Flash9 player pretend to be a Flash10 player.


Pretend-Flash10 player
Username: BarryK
This is where you can find a lovely script created by technosaurus, to download Adobe Flash Player 7, 9, or 10, and set 7 and 9 to pretend they are 10:

Username: technosaurus
"I keep meaning to try out lightspark but it uses llvm, pulse audio and *gl* stuff :( ... it is using gtk and ffmpeg vs gstreamer

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