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Going slow

March 01, 2011 — BarryK
I haven't been very active in the last week, regarding Puppy/Wary/Woof development.

We have had a heat wave, every day about 38 degrees C. My house gets hot, my airconditioner hardly makes a dent in it, and I don't feel like sitting at the computer while dripping sweat.

The last three days, in the afternoon there has been a little storm, the first two were just little things that made the humidity worse, but yesterday it was much stronger and the power went out about 4pm, came back at 3pm the next day (today). So last night I ate a can of cold minestrone soup for the evening meal and sat in the dark.

Tomorrow I have other stuff to do, but I'll get back onto Puppy stuff sometime.

Apparently this run of hot weather is setting some kind of record for February. I saw on the TV News, the hottest Feb. in Perth for 30 years.


Username: Sage
La Niņa has been settings records all around the globe. We are all lucky that last week's solar flare didn't take us all out!

Water barrels?
Username: raymundo dionicio
"Is there any space and infra-structure to put some water filled barrels? Would have to set up a 'cup' of cold air in your working area. The barrels will absorb heat during the peak hours and release during first ours of the day.

Amazed by your work
Username: TazOC
"Hi Barry, You've earned a well-deserved break from all the work on Wary, Woof and Puppy. I'm continually amazed by how much you accomplish! According to Wikipedia, "In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is 1 March," so cooler weather can't far off. I tend to slow down here in the Winter when the days are short in the Pacific NW and all I want to do is sleep. :n_n: Take care and thanks for all you do, TazOC

was wondering ...
Username: jamesbond
"... whether you were all right before I finally saw your post. I read in the news of the 38 degree weather, and that was in Perth - I suppose it was even hotter in Perenjori. Thank God you are. Take care Barry.

Re hot weather
Username: BarryK
"Well, it has been around 37-40 for the past week, but also high humidity locally (which is somewhat unusual), and that makes it more uncomfortable. Today is quite cool.

Username: Michalis
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Air Condition
Username: HyunChard
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Get Up Buddy
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