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March 06, 2011 — BarryK
Gcmartin posted a link to a post by shinobar:
which has a link to a post by rcrsn51:

...about a missing /usr/lib/gconv/

This is from the 'glibc' package. /usr/lib/gconv directory is cut-down in Puppy, however the 'devx' SFS has it fully-populated. So, if you have the 'devx' loaded, you won't encounter any conversion problem.

I have modified the template for glibc in Woof to include /usr/lib/gconv/ (for when you run 2createpackages), and also added it into the Wary glibc PET.

Updated Wary PETs (1.8MB, 1.8MB):

Comments for Wary
Username: GCMartin
Thanks Barry for understanding this. Will this be included in the extt WARY? Thanks in advance

Screen Drag and Drop problem
Username: GCMartin
"While looking over other upcoming Puppy Distro it occurred to me that something need be asked. This problem is a system issue where something was removed and needed to be added back in. I don't hve a problem with this, but, I do wonder about how to insure that it does NOT affect the build/use of future Puppies for [u][b]ANY[/b][/u] user. This problem (unless its explained otherwise) is a drag and drop issue which surfaces when any system user drags from one application to the window of another application. OK, I understand that this should be considered a bug. In all other Distros and MS I never had drag and drop issues. But, where I see the problem is that instead of fixing the system, it has been implemented as a user's requirement to determine if he has the problem (maybe after weeks of not understanding why), do the research within their system to narrow it down, find out where in the Puppy forum/blog the system's fix is implemented and how to install it. Maybe, properly, this should be in Woof as a part of any system build such that this system problem does not arise for any user. Hope this helps.

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