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pUPnGO 6MB puplet

March 24, 2011 — BarryK
As I am currently on the theme of baby Linuxes/puppies, this creation by forum member goingnuts is great, so tiny:

For 6MB you only get a CLI, but SFS files are available for a GUI and applications.

So far I have only read half way through the forum thread -- and there is so much great stuff contributed by technosaurus.

Regarding the GTK1 apps, I see in some of the snapshots uploaded, the text is not anti-aliased. I was wondering if you guys have experimented with libgdkxft to provide anti-aliased text? I recall back in the Puppy 1.x days, I applied it to Amaya and it worked well, but some apps hated it.


Re gdkxft
Username: BarryK
I have been looking back through my old notes -- 2004 -- back in the day when we were using GTK 1.2 applications. I came across various notes about the gdkxft package, that provides anti-aliasing for text rendering. I did limited testing back then: [b]GOOD[/b] Amaya Gaby Uxplor Gtksee [b]BAD[/b] Beaver Bluefish I seem to recall the problem in Beaver and Bluefish was that the text kept redrawing without previously wiping, causing an effect of it becoming darker and "sploggier", basically looking awful. But when it did work, it worked well.

Calf Linux
Username: Iguleder
"Barry, [url=]here's my new distro :) My init scripts, package management and everything can be found [url=]here - that's my "rootfs-skeleton", it's fully modular, unlike Puppy's. Clean coding style, modularity and simplicity.

Username: technosaurus
"out of all of these, my favorites are: [b]minimum profit text editor (v 3.X)[/b] tabbed text editor with highlighting [b]gps[/b]gtk1 version of htop (like pprocess + top) [b]sylpheed[/b]email client [b]amaya[/b]web browser and editor [b]seamonkey-1.1.19[/b]see [b]gftp-?.0.18[/b]vX.X.19 needs patched to compile I don't have a dialup account, but I recall some sad people when gkdial went away... and I couldn't come across our patched version of guiTAR ... its impossible to find partly due to its (not-so)clever name amigo's collection is here:

There are some really tiny bases out there.
Username: GCMartin
"Barry and anyone else; there seems to be an interest in tiny ram systems. Most things in life get started by some occurance. Is there some thread that started this investigation or some phenomenon in Technology news where I can understand this momentum? Everything has a beginning for some reason. I'd just like to understand. For example, HP is about to crash the technology world with a 64GB RAM handheld. PCs are already coming with 4GB of RAM. Knoppix has already begun changing its model. Tovalds is already addressing these paradigm changes with his already public announcements. Where is this going? If I knew, maybe I could contribute and support you. Help me ... anyone.

guiTar source
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, I have trying to collect all the old sources "under one roof". Yes, I do have guiTar: ...the usual username/password.

TC is not pup
Username: mavrothal
"Tiny/Microcore Linux is an outstanding distro for what it does but is not really "tiny". Just starts that way but by the time you make it a full blown system has the same size as any other distro out there. Its advantage is you do not get things that you do not want, as with other distros . The disadvantage is that if you are not an experienced linux user, you are in trouble. It is true however that you can easily build an adequate but spartan, system at ~30MB with TC. So it is of interest to see if this tiny/micro-pup will have something more to offer. One think will be different for sure. The TC organization is run with an ironclad. Everything form the extension building and repos to the forum are closely audited, monitored and guarded. Puppy on the other hand still has the wild-west mentality :-)

Re TC is not Pup
Username: BarryK
"Yes, a guiding principle of Puppy development has always been that we try to create a very small live-CD that is usable as-is. Usable for all of the usual tasks that most users would want to do. Some very tiny Linux distros are not very useful as-is, and you have to install lots of packages to make them useful. pUPnGO is also not very useful as-is, but their approach as I understand it is to have very easy to load application-combo-packs in the form of SFS files, so it is very easy to become usable. Our striving to create something smaller has not just started now, it is something that we have been doing ever since the Puppy project started. We would like a usable system that is smaller and faster, for various reasons: 1. The challenge 2. Run well in older PCs slower/less-ram 3. Run even faster in modern PCs. 4. Run totally in RAM in 256MB or less systems. 5. Very easy to download, especially if on dialup 6. ...whatever else you can think of.

Re TC is not Pup
Username: mavrothal
"Loading applications as sfs *is* the idea behind Tinycore. The difference I guess is that TC's sfs have dependencies and from 3.x onwards, recursive dependencies. You could combine an application(s) and the dependencies in a single sfs but then you risk unnecessary duplications. On the other hand, having a puppy w/o Xorg you go down to ~80MB, remove Goffice you are at 60MB use puppybrowser instead of seamonkey and you are approaching 50MB! And you still have a pretty usable system with the latest flash, multimedia capabilities, scanner, digital camera support etc. Provide the aforementioned as sfs combined with shinobar's sfs_load on the fly, and you are almost there :-)

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