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Transmission BitTorrent client

March 05, 2011 — BarryK
Earlier I took Pctorrent and ctorrent out of Wary as it was reported to be broken.

This has been discussed on the forum, and sc0ttman has recommended Transmission from Puppy4:

I have found that PET, reduced it's size a teensy bit by removing some icons, and uploaded it to here (235KB):

There is also an NLS PET (281KB):

Transmission will be in the next release of Wary, you can of course use these PETs now. In fact, it should work in any Puppy.


Transmission in Wary
Username: ttuuxxx
Wow Barry its really nice when you add mainstream apps to puppy, Transmission has always been one of my favorite smallish apps, excellent news :) and two thumbs up. ttuuxxx oh ya usually I edit /etc/mailcap and add application/x-bittorrent; /usr/bin/transmission "$@" or if you have the transmission-gtk bin application/x-bittorrent; /usr/bin/transmission-gtk "$@"

Web interface
Username: Zeke-baby
"Barry, I see you're building transmission without the web interface files to keep the PET small, yet you're building the executable with the web interface enabled (ticked), which is the default. You can fix this by setting TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_ENABLED to FALSE in line 249 of libtransmission/session.c before building, or using this patch file: [code]--- session.c.orig 2011-03-05 00:15:46.886017279 -0500 +++ session.c 2011-03-05 00:16:06.398014059 -0500 @@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ tr_bencDictAddInt( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_PROXY_TYPE, TR_PROXY_HTTP ); tr_bencDictAddStr( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_PROXY_USERNAME, "" ); tr_bencDictAddInt( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_AUTH_REQUIRED, FALSE ); - tr_bencDictAddInt( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_ENABLED, TRUE ); + tr_bencDictAddInt( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_ENABLED, FALSE ); tr_bencDictAddStr( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_PASSWORD, "" ); tr_bencDictAddStr( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_USERNAME, "" ); tr_bencDictAddStr( d, TR_PREFS_KEY_RPC_WHITELIST, TR_DEFAULT_RPC_WHITELIST ); [/code]

Username: scsijon
"if your adding back in a torrent package, may I ask consideration for having it as a pet only, not by default. Browsers such as firefox, chromium and iron already have them available as plugins. Others have talked about adding the feature. why add what may not be wanted by all. regards scsijon ps i'm beginning to consider that there is too many duplicate-function packages in the puppy/wary system today.

re transmission
Username: BarryK
"Zeke-baby, I didn't compile it myself, just found a ready-made PET that was compiled in Puppy4. ttuuxxx, Thanks for that info, I have placed the '' script into the PET with this in it: [code]#!/bin/sh sed -i -e '/x\-bittorrent/d' etc/mailcap echo 'application/x-bittorrent; /usr/bin/transmission "$@"' >> etc/mailcap [/code] ...and I have re-uploaded the transmission PET.

Username: BarryK
"Zeke-baby, Does your new ctorrent work with the Pctorrent PET? -- which is a GUI for ctorrent.

Username: zigbert
"I tested the pet from Zeke-baby in Wary 504, and I couldn't get it do download anything but torrent information. This is the same behavior as the original pet. Sigmund

Re: pctorrent
Username: Zeke-baby
"Zigbert, torrent information is not "downloaded" - it is embedded in the .torrent file. This may sound like a stupid question, but are the BitTorrent ports open on your router/firewall and are they forwarded to your puppy PC? ctorrent uses a stupid default of Port 2706; pctorrent uses 6881, which is better. Both ctorrent and pctorrent seem to work here on wary 5.1.1. pctorrent hung up the X server first time I ran it (strange) but seems to be working now. I'm actually going to enhance pctorrent to fix the awkward way it stores values (one value per file) and I'm going to add the capability to download individual files within the torrent.

Username: zigbert
"Zeke-baby Your port question is not stupid at all - I have no knowledge about ports. Just the experience that pctorrent worked in Puppy 4, but not in Wary or Puppy 5. - And I think the hardware is exactly the same. I started the work to redesign Pctorrent that includes 1 single rc-file. You'll find 'ptorrent' here: username: puppy - password: linux My intention was to include pcreatetorrent into pTorrent. I did not finish my work with pTorrent (because I couldn't get it to work), but I think it is fully working. I have just reorganized Pctorrent. Sigmund

about ptorrent
Username: sc0ttman
"Zigbert, that pTorrent GUI looks really nice... I'm just wondering if Puppy users would like a GTK-Dialog or YAD (or even Xdialog??) GUI ctorrent (or transmissioncli)... I know I would! I have used PupTransmission in the past, and though if the GUI was upgraded a bit, it would be great.

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