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uClibc cli rootfs

March 19, 2011 — BarryK
A uClibc rootfs that you can mount and chroot into, and compile cli packages. Mostly useful for creating small static executables. See my previous post:

Buildroot has a bug, it left out /usr/lib/crt0.o, crti.o, crtn.o, and I have put those in and I did a test compile of udev-151 source, works.

I have re-uploaded the working rootfs here (27.5MB):



uclibc++ patches
Username: technosaurus
here are some uclibc++ patches, it makes C++ apps ~10% smaller and is 1/10th the size of libstdc++ they are good sources for other patches too.

Re uclibc++
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Interesting, I will have a play with aboriginal. Note that Buildroot does not use uClibc++, it uses the full libstdc++ from gcc.

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