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usb-modeswitch 1.1.7

March 02, 2011 — BarryK
I have upgraded to usb-modeswitch 1.1.7, for all Woof-built puppies. Also Jimtcl is upgraded to 0.70. The packages are:

It is a bit premature to install these in any Puppy now though, as I also modified some scripts in Woof to work properly with them -- so you need to wait for the next Woof, or the next Puppy built from the next Woof.

While I was at it, I fixed a shortcoming when a 3G modem is plugged in at bootup -- it didn't always get configured properly, compared with plugging it in after bootup. Now, you get the popup message that the 3G modem is ready for use in both cases.

I have only tested so far with my most difficult 3G modem, model K3571 Z.


upgrading Puppy
Username: bigpup
Barry, You may want to check out the Luci 252 topic in the forum in a few days. One of the things that is being heavily tested is how well Puppy will upgrade, from the last version to the next. I had problems upgrading a full install.

upgrading Puppy
Username: bigpup
"My upgrade post:

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