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Vim 7.3

March 07, 2011 — BarryK
I have created a PET for the Vim text editor, version 7.3. I will be using Vim to convert BaCon code to color-highlighted HTML, as explained in the previous blog post:

This PET is compiled in Wary, but will probably work ok in other puppies (6.4MB):

...when installed, it creates an entry in the Document category.

Docs (1.8MB):

My knowledge of Vim is about nothing, so anyone who is a Vim expert is invited to examine the PET and see if they can improve the setup in any way. Some of the config files that I have included, I am not sure if they are all in the right place, or if they are appropriate -- although the editor seems to be working ok.


Text editors
Username: Sage
VIM & Edlin - great for frightening the horses and keeping out wannabe neophytes from the inner sanctum of IT. If you found Vi difficult, what hope for mortals? Back to BASICs, Fortran and Autocode...

vi in Puppy
Username: BarryK
"vi is in Puppy. It is a Busybox applet and was apparently buggy but I think it works ok in more recent releases of Busybox, as in Wary 5.x. It isn't in the menu though, you have to open a terminal and type "vi".

vi in Puppy
Username: broomdodger
"vi in Busybox is a VERY tiny implementation. Useful only in emergencies. Busybox vi does not support user defined options or plugins. I have been compiling vim for as long as I have been using any Linux. I use vim on Mac, Windows, Linux and all work the same... that is great. I do embedded systems programming. Barry I noticed the pet you made is 2 MB larger than mine. What extra do you compile? I do the "normal" version excluding darwin. I have more learning to do about making a pet. -Bill

Re compiling Vim
Username: BarryK
"I have no prior experience with Vim, so my compile configuration is probably not the smallest that is satisfactory. Here is what I did: [code]# cd src # export VIMRCLOC=/etc # export VIMRUNTIMEDIR=/usr/share/vim # export MAKE="make -e" # ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --disable-netbeans --enable-multibyte --enable-xim --enable-fontset --enable-gui=gtk2 --disable-gpm --with-features=big # cd .. # make # new2dir make install [/code] ...I chose "big" features.

vi is crucial for oldschoolers
Username: stray
"Yes indeed, they say your first-learned editor is the one you'll prefer ever after. They made us learn vi to start out coding pascal or C or whatever on the UNIX mainframes (college in the late 80s) and there's nothing as quick once you know it.. (it helps having learned to type 60wpm back in jr. high and hence hating the idea of a mouse or even moving your fingers off the Home Row of the keyboard!). Actually, a classmate who went further than me in academe said you just gotta go emacs eventually for power reasons. Pretty obscure these days I imagine.. but I did have need for a hex editor and found a slim thing called bvi (binary vi) among .. from which I also have been installing vi .. Oh not to forget.. my main point of posting was to mention how insulting the busybox vers. of vi is to us old Unix guys. Forget plugins and such, I couldn't even do the basic editing & load/save commands.. search/replace-- I forget what exactly but it was quite shocking how not-vi that was. But as ever, Thanks for all you do, BK!

Username: BarryK
"I should mention also that nearly all puppies have 'e3vi' which is another small implementation of vi. Again, open a terminal and type 'e3vi' -- it comes up with a help page that shows what it can do.

Vim PET re-uploaded
Username: BarryK
"Well, it is uploading as I type this. I upgraded /root/.vim/syntax/bacon.vim, the xyntax highlighting file for BaCon. If you want, you can also get bacon.vim from the BaCon website: The new bacon.vim has color highlighting for the HUG functions.

redirect to new2dir dir2pet
Username: broomdodger
"I have been compiling vim and making pet files. I have a script that handles most of it, but would like to pass items like executable, icon path rather than typing them. Both new2dir dir2pet use the read command, is it possible to redirect from a file to those read commands? Anyone know how?

cat and pipeline
Username: zygo
"I think cat params | dir2pet dir

re: cat and pipeline
Username: broomdodger
"Thank you zygo I made two params files: 1) to feed new2dir 2) to feed dir2pet It works great. When there are new patches for vim, I simply change the number of patches, start my script and an updated vim is made. cat $DIR00/new2dir.txt | new2dir make install cat dir2pet.txt | dir2pet vim-7.3.$VPATCH-i486

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