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Dietlibc 0.32 with T2 patches

April 08, 2011 — BarryK
Dietlibc is a C library that is used to compile C applications statically. They are very small. Version 0.32 is the latest, released in 2009:

However, the T2 developers have applied many patches, some quite recently, so I have compiled Dietlibc with the T2 patches. This is compiled in Quirky, however should work in all puppies (Quirky has 2.6.30 kernel header files, so any Puppy that has kernel 2.6.30 or later should be ok). T2 page:

Dietlibc PET (414KB):

Doc PET (1KB):


tinycc and dietlibc
Username: scottman
How does dietlibc compare with tinycc? It's more complete, supports more architectures and is up to date, right? I read that tinycc can run C code in real-time, through the '-run' parameter -so you can test your C code and apps before you compile.. Can dietlibc do this? I couldn't find anything about it.. It might be quite useful!

apples & oranges
Username: technosaurus
"tinycc is a compiler (like gcc) dietlibc is a library (like glibc) comparing them is like comparing apples & oranges BTW it would take considerable patching of tinycc and dietlibc to make them compile together... I wasted a whole day on it once. I got it to build, but not bootstrap itself the most interesting part of tinycc's run feature was the ability to compile & run a kernel.

Tags: quirky