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Quirky 1.5-beta1 (142)

April 15, 2011 — BarryK
I have uploaded Quirky 1.5-beta (actually numbered 142). This is not yet a release to be publicly promoted.

I announced the expected features of 1.5 recently:


There are three experimental features that will be in the next Quirky.

1. Automatic Xorg startup
The desktop will start automatically, so less questions at first boot.

2. Xorg vesa only
This is an exercise to reduce size. A minimal Xorg. Any extra Xorg drivers would have to be PETs (they would also need enhanced xorg-server and openGL/mesa PETs).

3. More drivers in 'zdrv'
Extra kernel modules, printer, scanner, camera drivers, and browser plugins, now moved out to the 'zdrv' SFS file. There is a special monitor, that if you try to perform any operation that requires those drivers, a message pops up telling to install the zdrv, with a button to download it.

This build also features the new 'welcome1stboot' written in BaCon, with de, fr and ru translations.

If you only want to evaluate 1 and 2 and want a full .iso with all drivers, including kernel SCSI and analog-modem (113.4MB):
Md5sum: 2cfd4279b20a008feee0dde205d6b8c1

The "baby" build has a zdrv as in point 3, to see how small we can make the .iso (still has kernel SCSI modules) (86.7MB):
Md5sum: 2b5b8a9609dd0c0b7ee5af03db2943f9

If you don't download and install the zdrv SFS file, a monitor daemon is supposed to popup a window offering to download it if you need to use any drivers not in the .iso.

But, you can download it now if you wish (this is NOT needed for the full .iso only the baby) (26.8MB):
Md5sum: 3f521011a43f1709e05a9d513cb25cdf

And of course the 'devx' (103.8MB):
Md5sum: 1d3e41fc64d147a7740914bd755d6792


Username: Iguleder
Barry, I have some small idea for Woof: a script that sets a default application (i.e those in /usr/local/bin). In Moo, I made the init script execute /usr/local/bin/window-manager and every application that is set as the default for its kind is present there. Each package calls this script to set the included application as the default. [code]#!/bin/sh # /usr/bin/set-default-application: sets a default application help_message() { echo "Usage: set-default-application [COMMAND] [TYPE]" echo echo "Set COMMAND as the default application of TYPE." echo echo "Options:" echo " -h, --help Show this message and quit" echo } # check the command-line arguments for argument in $@; do case "$argument" in -h|--help) help_message exit 0 ;; -*) help_message exit 1 ;; esac done # check the number of command-line arguments case "$#" in 2) ;; *) help_message exit 1 ;; esac echo "Setting $1 as the default $2" echo "#!/bin/sh exec $1 $@" > /usr/local/bin/$2 chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/$2[/code] This allows you to change the location of a default application easily, since there are no hardcoded paths in packages, only in this script.

quick test
Username: jrb2
"Downloaded "Baby" Quirky and placed in frugal install on hp dc5100s/p4, intel video. Booted to 1680x1050 but picture hanging off both sides, outer icons not showing. (Had to put on sunglasses to look at icons but that's cool) Tried Setup-XorgVideoWizard-Xorgwizard but kept going straight to 1680x1050 so I went to Setup-Xorgwizard-ResolutionChanger and was able to set to 1024x768. After telling Drive icons to redraw and restarting X it looked good. Started clicking desktop icons. Everything worked except "Play". Tried Mplayer from menu, no good. Tried Ogle from menu, no good. Loaded DVD movie, no play. Tried mpg and wmv from harddrive, no play. Looked at VideoUpgradeWizard, realized this is Xorg73. This machine has never liked X73 so I installed X75 (I used the wary511 upgrade pet since I already had it). This gave me intel driver and my preferred 1280x1024 without problem. Rechecked Mplayer, it works! Rechecked Ogle, it works! Tried some video files, they worked! Went to an nvidia machine, booted form cd, went directly to 1280x1024, yea! Checked Mplayer, no play. Checked Ogle, no play.:( Installed X75 and problem fixed again. Sweet little package but something wrong with X73. Thanks, J

Username: Elena
"Frugal tryout of the beta-release of Quirky-142-Baby: The system feels stable and very responsive! The new layoutet welcome screen with correct locales is a pleasant start :-) Minor problem: Couldn't start CPU frequency scaling (with gxmessage: Module acpi-cpufreq is not compatible). And not so important: Some lesser essential apps, e.g. SQLiteManager, don't start from the menu. missing
Username: Terryphi
"I have tested the "all" version and it boots up OK with sound and eth0 connection working. I had the usual problem on my Intel hardware: Xorg cannot set to 1024x768 correctly without tweak. However, I am used to that with Puppy! Mplayer does not work because is missing.

142 full iso
Username: rjbrewer
"Did a frugal with full partition install. Cpu scaling works after the install. Mplayer needs in addition to libxv,so.1. Not sure what Ogle needs. Did a full install. Has the same problem as the Warys' after 098. Extended kernel module loading when usb devices are installed leads to mouse cursor freezing; plus longer boot time.

vnc viewer client
Username: broomdodger
"Is there a vnc viewer (client) for puppy linux? Today I compiled TigerVNC and it works well. I will try making a .pet Any other vnc viewers recommended?

small screen problems
Username: aarf
"zip of images of bacon no scroll and other problems problems(mostly i have to make images to be distinguish reality) cant start firewall -cant scroll to whatever it is that needs clicking. can start firewall from menu-network pupdial connects ok

e2fsck 1.41.10 (10-Feb-2009)
Username: aarf
"e2fsck 1.41.10 (10-Feb-2009) and fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16.1 dosfsck 3.0.6, 04 Oct 2009, FAT32, LFN i need to use fsck often and prefer later versions

142 baby
Username: rjbrewer
"Frugal install of baby. Cpu scaling not working. Flsynclient not working.

Username: BarryK
"aarf, Those snapshots show that the screen resolution is starting up far too low.

utf8 and UTF-8
Username: rodin.s
"I like this Quirky in general, but it runs chooselocale on every boot. I had the same problem with Wary when I tried to change utf8 to UTF-8 there. Script chooselocale cannot except UTF-8 because locale -a shows ru_UA.utf8. I guess Shinobar solved this problem in multilingual Wary. I have found solution in Russian puppy and made a symlink: ln -s /usr/lib/locale/ru_UA.utf8/ /usr/lib/locale/ru_UA.UTF-8 But I guess it's not good solution for Quirky.

widescreen resolutions
Username: L18L
"Baby started in 1920*1080. Available in Xorg Resolution Changer are: 1920*1080, 1280*1024, 1024*768, 800x600, 640*480 xorgwizard was showing MORE resolutions for example I would like to have 1360*768 which has nearly the same width/height ratio as 1920*1080. Have changed resolution manually in /etc/X11/xorg.conf but got 1920*1080 again. Using Xorg -configure -- same result. (I have always used before XVESA 1280*720)

Username: rodin.s
"Mplayer doesn't work. [code]mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory[/code]

Video Report Script Update
Username: GCMartin
"[url=][b]Saw your "report-video" request here.[/b] [url=][b]Saw this "report-video" enhancement here.[/b] Hope this helps.

Baby Quirky
Username: james c
"Tried Baby Quirky live pfix=ram on my main box w/ old Nvidia mx440 1280x1024 resolution on initial boot.Used xorgwizard and achieved my desired 1440x900.Easy enough. On my old P3 test box w/ Intel 82810 graphics Baby booted to a prompt.Only 2 choices given by xorgwizard was 800x600 and 600x480 in contrast to the desired 1024x768 for the crt monitor.

Username: baby Quirky
"Hi Barry Just tested the baby version, Well the autoload graphic driver driver [u]failed[/u], I got a black screen with "out of range" notice in the middle of the screen. So Then I waited and waited, sometimes on other puppy versions after 2 mins or so it does display a desktop, This wasn't the case, just the black screen of the death. So Then I hit Crtl+Alt+Backspace which opened the prompt where I could type Xorgwizard. And did the regular Xorgwizard stuff and all went well :) I then checked the xerrs.log and the following is what was missing. (==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" (EE) Failed to load module "xtrap" (module does not exist, 0) xf86TokenToOptinfo: table is NULL cat: /sys/block/fd0/device/vendor: No such file or directory cat: /sys/block/fd0/device/model: No such file or directory ttuuxxx

baby Quirky
Username: ttuuxxx
"Here's some of the Xorg.conf and here's a few lines of the xorg.conf Section "Monitor" Identifier "Monitor0" VendorName "Monitor Vendor" ModelName "Monitor Model" HorizSync 31.5-48.5 VertRefresh 40-70 #UseModes "Modes0" #monitor0usemodes Option "PreferredMode" "1024x768" EndSection Section "Modes" Identifier "Modes0" #modes0modeline0 EndSection Section "Device" ### Available Driver options are:- ### Values: <i>: integer, <f>: float, <bool>: "True"/"False", ### <string>: "String", <freq>: "<f> Hz/kHz/MHz" ### [arg]: arg optional #Option "ShadowFB" # [<bool>] #Option "DefaultRefresh" # [<bool>] #Option "ModeSetClearScreen" # [<bool>] #Option "NoDDC" # [<bool>] Identifier "Card0" Driver "vesa" #card0driver VendorName "Unknown Vendor" BoardName "Unknown Board" BusID "PCI:2:0:0" EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen0" Device "Card0" Monitor "Monitor0" DefaultDepth 24 #Option "metamodes" "1024x768_60 +0+0" #METAMODES_0 Subsection "Display" Depth 24 Modes "1024x768" EndSubsection EndSection #PuppyHardwareProfile=NVIDIA ttuuxxx

1024x768 resolution
Username: Terryphi
"Following on from ttuuxxx's comment above: I have to manually change xorg.conf in all recent versions of Puppy to get 1024x768 resolution and desktop set up correctly on my LCD monitor. These settings in Section "Monitor"work for me: HorizSync 40-60 VertRefresh 60-75

Skype 2.2 beta [SFS]
Username: Terryphi
"Earlier versions of Skype have been unable to see my video device when running on Quirky. I have now tested with Skype and there is no problem! I have created an SFS file. Download details in this forum thread: Skype requires libraries and which, as others have already pointed out, are not included in Wary 142.

further problems with baby
Username: scsijon
"first a comment. I do like the mounted statement instead of the bright dot, however could it be shortened to MTD instead of MNTD as I found that two adjacent mounted partitions are confusing, I am getting MNTDMNTD. Problems 1 & 2 & 3: Video, like others had to use xorgwizard to get video to work, however in this case (ati on a gigabyte hd4350) in the past it has setup on first go. Also found that the screen is set too bright. Attempting to reduce it via the gamma controls don't work. My Monitor said it was set as maximum level and I couldn't / it wouldn't reduce it below that. Also the Last Line of the Video's config also says it's an ati_atombios, it's not, it's an old desktop that's been supped up a bit. Problem 4: Trying to change the number of Virtual Desktops. Default is set as 1 row 1 column, yet it shows and allows you to use 2. Trying to change down by manually typing in 1 and 1 takes 2 goes at setting for it to "stick" and drop to 1. Had to kill it at this point as my monitor started complaining, will try again when next version appears.

nEw aPPs fOr qUIRky rEpo
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I compiled a few apps for quirky baby ed. located at more than likely a repo item, other than the the audio/video converters, they are small enough to make it into the default release, if you choose so. actually for the size, they are very nice and handy. ttuuxxx

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