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"XID collision, trouble ahead"

April 26, 2011 — BarryK
We have been getting this error message with some recent puppies:

Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead

The Internet is awash with reports of this. I can reproduce it, start seamonkey from a terminal window, go to here:

...or any advertised property on, then click the scrollbar to scroll down. SeaMonkey spits out this error message.

I am running Wary, which has GTK 2.20.1 -- so I thought the more recent version than earlier puppies is the problem. Quirky for example has GTK 2.16.6. But no...

I was using SeaMonkey 2.0.13. I tried SM 2.0.11, same problem. Then I tried SM 1.1.18 -- problem gone!

An observation: both SM and Firefox are going downhill. SM 1.1.x is fast and low resources, 2.0 has rendering/scrolling slowness and uses more resources (plus the above bug), 2.1beta is a real resource hog.

I don't care about the critics who say that I should go for the latest SM, I think that I will put 1.1.18 or 1.1.19 into the next Wary, along with adblock and a couple of other plugins.


Opera, rising Star
Username: xman
SM is stranger for me but I think you have right feeling about FF. Combination FF 3.6.13 & FP 10.2rxxx behaves, but combination FF 4.0 & FP 10.2r153 is totally horrible, and combination FF 4.0 & FP 10.2r159 is just horrible. Can even Adobe do something to elevate crashy FF 4.0 on her feet? Browser industry isn't totally in deep depression. There are better news to tell from Norway. Opera is going better. Opera 11.10.2092 is remarkably stable, and debian package installs to Quirky or Wary without any missing libraries.

I also like Opera
Username: Enhas
"I've tried the Opera 11.10 .deb package in Wary Puppy, and it installed and worked just fine (except for some reason, a few of the icons were corrupted and didn't display correctly, but that wasn't that bad). Opera also has Opera Turbo which works pretty well on most sites for slow connections (at the cost of image quality). Dial-up on my old computer only works at about half-speed in Puppy compared to Windows, so this would help regain some of the loss as well.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry 2.14X has Wary's GlibC and I compiled the same Gcc as in Wary and a few others, Its around 80% Binary compatible with Wary, I still have to add a few minor updates to make it 100%. Anyways 2.14X comes with the latest Firefox 4.0 downloaded from mozilla and it autoupdates. It runs perfect, no jumpy scrolling, pages load quick etc. The only other puppy to run Firefox almost as smooth is Dpup. Seamonkey 2.0 is slow on Wary I find also. If you are going to compile Seamonkey 1 could you maybe pm me a link to it and If you like I could give it a make over, People really dislike the look and feel of Seamonkey 1, I can retheme the original theme like I've done in the past and make it look a lot nicer without adding much to package if anything. ttuuxxx

Username: gjuhasz
"Based on, "SeaMonkey 1.x series no longer receives security updates, due to resource constraints, the SeaMonkey team strongly urges users of that series to upgrade". I am afraid that the lack of HTML5 support will urge users to drop Seamonkey 1.x I visited the link Barry mentions without any problem (VirtualBox, Wary 5.1.1, SM 2.0.11, Flash

Username: joec.
"I tested the web site with 3 old puppies that are on my computer. puppy 4.1.2 & Quirky 002 using seamonky 2.0.1 no problem,no error message. Wary 1.0.4 using seamonky 2.0.11 no error message but scrolling was very slow but that i believe is because wary is much slower on my old computer than the other 2. Maybe they fixed something on the web site? I had to upgrade to seamonky 2.0.1 on 412 and Quirky because my isp (verizon ) "upgraded" their webmail site and seamonky 1 will not work, also some department store web sites would no longer work with seamonky 1 joe

Username: Jemimah
"If you haven't played with Midori lately, you should. The latest development versions of webkit-gtk are pretty stable with a simple patch and work perfectly with like 98% of websites. (I don't consider webkitgtk stable enough for my primary browser yet, it segfaults maybe once or twice a week, but hopefully all that will be sorted out soon). Static Midori is between 2 and 3 MB in size leaving plenty of space for whatever browser the user wants - plus it runs very nearly as fast as Dillo. Webkit can use gsteamer for html5 video so it's possible to build the whole puplet with only gstreamer-based multimedia (Puppeee and Fluppy have been like this for a while). The best light gstreamer media player is Parole - not perfect, but it's passable. Other small gstreamer projects of interest are Eina, Xnoise, Gnac, and Thoggen. This is absolutely the way to go if you're looking for a fully functional system in as small of footprint as possible.

Re HTML5, etc
Username: BarryK
"Yeah, I agree that using SM 1.1.x is probably not a suitable long-term solution. Though, I am wondering if there could be an addon hack to pickup and display HTML5 video content. I feel constrained to stay with SM as it is a suite, a lot of people including me use the WYSIWYG web page editor. With Midori, if you include gnutls with https (SSL) support, that bulks it out considerably. Plus of course it is not a suite. Regarding security, that is a very debatable issue. There may be security holes that are very specific to SM 1.1.x, but if no one else is using 1.1.x then predaters are much less likely to be targeting us (is that logic reasonable?). Plus, just what are these vulnerabilities? -- we would need to know what they are -- for example if one of them enables alteration of the Windows registry, then we couldn't care less. Note, I am thinking of including 01micko's PET to optionally run SM as a non-root user -- that's next on my to-do list.

Re IE8
Username: BarryK
"With the user agent switcher addon, SM 1.1.x can pretend it is IE8, so many sites, for example a bank that Sage uses, will be happy.

SM 1.1.9
Username: ozsouth
"Appears to me that SM 1.1.9 's main issues are with older plugins, etc than we use, so HTML5 is the main issue (but not such a big one yet). See: My 'geri' users also prefer Seamonkey to other combos - it's just easier.

no script & SM 118
Username: ozsouth
"Tried SM 1.1.18 at several sites - I'd forgotten the javascript 'stop script' errors - with long timeout. Got no-sript from link below - can allow any from your bookmarked pages and/or specify, otherwise js blocked. A status bar icon allows changes.

skins, add-ons
Username: f00-
"for nicer sm skins, I like the ones at three more add-ons of note 1) menuedit- 2) mr_tech_local_install- 3) seanotes-sm-2.6.4.xpi (think these were from .. much more and it starts that FF-bloat cycle

Seamonkey vs XID collision ...
Username: GCMartin
"[u]For as long as I’ve been a forum follower-member[/u], there has been consistent concerns about Seamonkey that I find contradictory. Yes, I am a user of SEamonkey, but I am NOT a fan. I have and continure to use it because of all the features it affords me and the support community that exist. It is system complete and secure. To me, its the perfect browser package. In the last week, several members in the forum and here has posted that Adblock seemingly is addressing issue that have give unwarrented behavior. Seems to be working, as, the one problem I had is not annoying me anymore. Here’s the 2 discussions currently of all things WARY: [b]Memory use.[/b] When I joined the forum years ago, there was a lot of focus on issues. Many of us has low-RAM PCs, I haven’t seen a handful of memory use complaints in the last 6 months. What happened? ..... upgrades! Where the Puppy was confined to his cage, he now has a whole room to run around in. And, many of us now have “Stadiums” size PCs for 1000s of Puppies to run in. SeaMonkey isn’t a hog that its played out to be. [b]Slowness:[/b] Frankly, this is an objective discussion. Yes, Google Chrome is fastest...and I would expect it to be! But Seamonkey is fast too, so are all the other browsers....and each one delivers it own set of features....but none/NONE are full featured. I think whatever SeaMonkey is selected should be consistent with WARY’s future direction....whatever that might be. In fact, I often wondered if the Puppy community would should be suited with 2 browsers: Fully featured SM and something called “Fast”. Thus allowing the community to choose whatever browser they consider to be fast to the Menu. I hope I stayed on the topic of a full featured browser & "XID collision ..." Hope this helps

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