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Run Android on your PC

April 26, 2011 — BarryK
This is also extremely interesting. technosaurus posted about the idea of "RoboPup":

And puppyluvr posted a link that lead me here:

We have capability of taking another distro and "puppyfying" it, and I wonder...

I might have to buy a tablet PC with Android 3, when it is released, to get some hands-on. I haven't used Android at all, nor any touch-screen interface.

An interesting alternative is an x86 touch-screen OS that HP is developing.


Android x86

Apad 10"
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I bought my wife a 10" Apad tablet that had android as the default OS, a few months back, it only lasted about 1 month and then the screen went black with no power, So I opened it up and the paper thin ribbon cable was shot, if I moved it, It would work but it would easily get out of place again, I would not recommend Apad tablets to anyone, At the time it was the largest/fastest on ebay at the time, about 4+ months ago. Since then Blackberry playbook was just released and has had tons of excellent reviews, and is probably the best one on the market, after that samsung galaxy but the samsung is a distant second place to the blackberry 1GHZ dualcore cpu and 1GB of true memory, not a flash card memory that a lot of others toss around as memory. ttuuxxx

Username: Dougal
"Barry, keep in mind that these tend to be embedded devices, where you need to create a modified ROM image (like CyanogenMod do) which is tailored to the specific device... You might want to look at the Debian ARM ports and see their installation instructions, but I'm not sure how good they are for phones/tablets. The Samsung tablets are supposed to be the best (thus Apple is suing them...), but the B&W Nook Colo(u)r e-reader is supposed to be pretty good and only US$250 and the new update has made it work like a tablet, plus it is hackable: BTW, the Blackberry Playbook isn't Linux based -- it uses QNX.

HP Android
Username: GCMartin
"Not sure if anyone is up on the upcoming HP OS. This "technology breakthrough" is none other than PalmOD (remember HP purchased thme last year). That, my friends, is a very good, very mature, very stable OS, but is proprietary...unlike the Open source GoogleOS/Android/Linux. You can bank on one-thing, if the Palm people are still around, stability and fast. Hope this helps

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