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Short term plans

April 16, 2011 — BarryK
Just to let everyone know what I intend to be working on next...

I have neglected Wary for awhile, which might have frustrated some people who have posted problems to the Wary 5.1.1 Forum feedback thread and not got any response from me. I have been working on BaCon, Quirky and various Woof things.

I was working on Wary 5.1.2, and I reckon it is time to return to that. So, I intend to start reading the Wary 5.1.1 Forum thread again and catch up.

I also intend to upgrade the kernel for Wary. I have been using for Wary (and the latest Quirky). I am very happy with the 2.6.32 series and it has long-term support. The latest is and I will probably compile that tonight.


WARY 5.2
Username: GCMartin
Great News. Looking forward as I sure this is going to be a significant one upcoming from you. Especially considering the efforts over the last couple months. I sure others have alerted you, but would you look over [url=][b]this thread[/b][/url] to consider if it would be appropriate to add to WARY at this time. Their testing, thus far, seems to have 'future far-reaching' impact while there does not appear to be any downside risks. In any event, we all look forward following you. I know I've express this in the past many times, but, again, I want to say Thanks You for everything you've done for this community.

Universal installer use
Username: bigpup
"People seem to be confused about what can be done with the universal installer. Quote: The universal installer will not upgrade a frugal install. Well, I suppose that depends on what one calls an "upgrade". Anyway I'd rather get away from that term. Why complicate the issue? I assumed, reasonably I think, that since I had created this flash drive in 511 with UI, that I could take it up to 525 with UI. Because UI did not imply in any way that it couldn't do this, then if what you are saying is true - that it can't - then THAT is the bug: implying to the user that it can do something it can't, and not giving so much as an error message, but just completing and ending with an unusable flash drive. The fix is to have UI inform the user of its inability. An alternative fix is to get it to actually do what it implies it can do - if something can be done manually, then it certainly can be done in a script. It boggles my mind that a "universal" installer can't do this simple, pretty obvious job. Anyway I will wipe the drive and see if I can get it to work.

Re PAE kernel
Username: BarryK
"GCMartin, I am reluctant to make that standard, as I am really targeting the kernel for use with Wary, and that aims mostly at hardware 2 years old or older. Which are not likely to have >3.1GB RAM (?) I haven't read through that entire Forum thread, but as I understand it, some older i586/i686 CPUs won't support it? But course, a special build, such as what jamesbond has done, is great.

Re PAE kernel
Username: GCMartin
"Hi Barry. I understand the reluctance. I understand. Just to clarify, though, so we're all accurate in our understanding; PAE has been in all Intel, etc since PentiumPro (it appears that at some point there may have been some misunderstanding about this.) And, with the cost of memory of those 2yr+ computers being what they are, many have added memory above I understand it. Hope this helps.

Re short term plans
Username: BarryK
"Just a little note: I am away from home for a couple of days, limited time to do anything Puppy-related, but I'll be back on board soon.

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