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Slack Puppy 100

April 17, 2011 — BarryK
01micko has used the latest Woof (April 16, 2011) to build his ongoing Spup project, see Forum thread:

If you want compatibility with Slackware packages, then Spup is the one for you!

Spup 100 is using the kernel.


Username: 01micko
Hi Barry, Games in Linux, (especially openGL type games) have come a long way in recent years, still have a long way to go but were getting there. In Lupu we have access to heaps of games in the Ubuntu repos. I was IRC one day and a fellow Queenslander (extreeme is his handle)approached me about games not running and he had to hack $PATH. This is because many of their executables install to [i]/usr/games[/i]. With that I put a rough hack into lupu that symlinks those execs into /root/my-applications/bin at startup (if /usr/games exists). Of course $PATH should probably be altered in /etc/profile. Here's my proposal: Near the top of /etc/profile: [code]PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R7/bin:/root/my-applications/bin" [ -d /usr/games ] && PATH="${PATH}:/usr/games"[/code] I just tested with an SFS that installs the execs to /usr/games and no problem. On unloading the SFS $PATH returns to normal. Tested in spup-100, which doesn't have the lupu hack. I'm sure this will please sc0ttman, sickgut, 666philb and the other gamer devs and users. BTW, thanks for the plug! Cheers

Re Games
Username: BarryK
"Normally, that would require a reboot after the game has been installed, for it to work. How about if I just put /usr/games directory permanently into rootfs-skeleton, and include /usr/games permanently in PATH?

Re Games take2
Username: BarryK
"Um, but wouldn't those games need something like /usr/games/bin for the PATH? I would have thought there would be sub-directories under /usr/games.

games again
Username: 01micko
"The game dirs are most often in /usr/share, or /usr/local, AFAIK just the execs are in /usr/games. As a matter of fact I have a really old CD of tuxracer (sunspire) that defaults to /usr/local/games, but with an option at install time to choose prefix=/usr. Runs just fine in any Puppy, includes all deps in it's own special folder. There are numerous other games I have tried that have execs in /usr/games, TORCS (car racer) springs to mind. I can't see any harm in having /usr/games in $PATH permanently and having the dir /usr/games. I'm not a huge gamer so I might ask the game devs, sc0ttman et al if there is anything else, I think amigo knows too.

more games
Username: 01micko
"Ok, been doing some resaerch. Ubuntu definitely has /usr/games in the default $PATH. Seems slackware too. Mandriva and Fedora don't, but the directory /usr/games exists by default and they symlink execs into $PATH. Now, there is plenty of moaners in Ubuntuland about /usr/games being in $PATH, "security" they say. Ok, what about my code in the above post but include the directory in the tree. That way, if some user doesn't want /usr/games in their executable path all they have to do is delete /usr/games. Oh, all the puppy gamers vote "aye" :D

13.37 based spup
Username: 01micko
"Well I got a working 13.37 spup. Took some Xorg hacking and there is a way to go too. The hack I mentioned awhile ago (for natty) running "gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache" is necessary too, I put it in /etc/rc.d/rc.update, works well. Found some new repos from the Salix people too, their PACKAGES.TXT files include dependency info as well, and they have updated for 13.37 (both the official PACKAGES.TXT and their 3rd party repo PACKAGES.TXT) Stabellini and have not updated as yet. Plenty of cool stuff in the Salix 3rd party repo anyway.

Auto xorg
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry I finally fathomed how you set up the DISTRO_XORG_AUTO variable... manually!!! Can we have a line in 0setup... [i]echo "DISTRO_XORG_AUTO='no'" >> ./DISTRO_SPECS[/i] or something to that effect? Thanks

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