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Verified: multisession CD works

April 22, 2011 — BarryK
gcmartin posted to the forum recently (I don't have the link) about multisession CD/DVD not working in recent puppies.

I haven't tested multisession for awhile, so burnt my latest Wary (5.1.2-alpha), built from latest Woof, and burnt the ISO to a CD-R, left open.

Booted up on a PC with "puppy pfix=ram" so as to ignore existing save-files, then at shutdown chose to save to CD.

At next bootup it loaded the previous session ok. Repeated the exercise, once again it rebooted successfully.


Username: f00-
Some newish apps such as shinobar's sfs_load (experimental to be sure on liveCDmulti) work as expected in some pups (wary 020) but not in others (macpup 511 and 520). There do seem to be some assumptions about install method at times in other pup(let)s, perhaps even a bias towards hdd-install frugal or full. Thanks for the confirm - for many users liveCDmulti is preferred.

Nultisession falures common
Username: Ted Dog
"Yes I ran into problems with current puppylinux burning to CDs (could not get it to work) took three attempts to burn a DVD (finally forced growisofs from command line), software is taking three times as long to init the drive and about two times as long to close session. I think the scripts are timing out. growisofs command line has changed the = assignment does not seem to work any more. I used my tax refund for a mac mini, can't stand OSX, puppy boots but so much does not work.

Multi-session CD
Username: GCMartin
"Thanks Barry for verifying in your environment with that version of WARY. I have not downloaded the alpha as I am awaiting your next interation. I will test and report on that thread when it appears. As you probably are aware, I have been a user of "Live" PUPs since first associations. I have come to rely on the method that you have described above. I have been doing this for years. That's why this probably has thrown me for a loop in trying to get the reason as well as how to capture information to report. (I had tried "cdrecord" versus "pburn", but got same problematic results where after saving, media would not reboot???) Its very odd. When I get more data, I will report. Thanks.

BIOS multiloader error
Username: Ted Dog
"GCMartin, non-reboot after multisession saving is a known BIOS bug, outside of puppylinux & most common boot loaders, I have only identified one solution, an odd bootloader Trying to find the bootloader name I located my prior post. At least I have the timeframe I'll search my backups! I've rejoined this effort due to hating my new minimac OSX UI. Look forward to a new puplet named AntiMacPup or something :)

gujin bootloader
Username: Ted Dog
"Here is a link to the only known bootloader that gets around the BIOS multisession bug found in most laptops. Requires the initfs to be rolled into kernel, boot command line options are hardcoded. Do we still have the single 'humongous' kernel option in puppylinux?

Re humongous
Username: BarryK
"Yes, we can still build a humongous Puppy. Right now I'm on the track of something that might improve multisession reliability. It was something that I read in Joerg Schilling's notes in his cdrtools package. Will report more on this soon.

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