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Bones 0.2.2

May 28, 2011 — BarryK
I had a lot of plans for Bones, my elementary project version-control manager/archiver, but it has been neglected for sometime. There has been an urgent need for one particular improvement, now done, at least a basic implementation...

My Bones intro page outlines the concept and how to use Bones:

My Woof project uses Bones, so this is what is being discussed here...

The first time that you type "bones download", a "reference tarball" is downloaded (a snapshot of Woof when I first set it up in Bones). Subsequent commits of Woof to Bones are in the form of .delta (difference) files, and all of these have to be downloaded to build the latest Woof system. This takes awhile if you don't have broadband.

Note, the original reference tarball is about 7.8MB, the .delta files so far are about 17.8MB, and there are 158 .delta files. The most recent snapshot tarball is about 17MB.

Most people are not going to be interested in the complete history of Woof, so don't need to download all those delta files. So, with Bones 0.2.2 you can download a recent snapshot tarball of Woof and only download .delta files since the date of that tarball.

Firstly, install the latest Bones:

Setup your Woof directory (as explained in the Bones web page):
# mkdir woof-tree
# cd woof-tree
# bones setup

...enter a username for yourself, and the download URL ""
...then you will see that ../bones-woof directory has been created.

Go here and download a snapshot tarball:
...out of interest, you might want to download a slightly earlier one, not the latest.
...drag/move it into the "bones-woof" directory and rename it with the string "REFERENCE" in it, for example:

Back in your "woof-tree" project directory, with a terminal open in that directory, type this:
# bones download
...and watch what happens.

Anytime in the future, just type "bones download" to download the latest .delta files and bring your project directory up-to-date.


Shell script for setting up the Bones and woof

isolinux problem
Username: bigpup
"Boot problem with isolinux 4.3

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