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Dpup: Squeezed Puppy 4.99.2

May 19, 2011 — BarryK
I have built a Dpup, that is, a Puppy built in Woof using Debian Squeeze packages. Squeeze is the current stable Debian, released February 2011.

The live-CD iso file is 117.7MB and has almost everything that you would expect in a normal Puppy. That includes Abiword (with extras such as grammar-checker and aiksaurus), Gnumeric and SeaMonkey.

Squeezed Puppy is version 4.99.2, an experimental build. I haven't tested everything so there will probably be some bugs. Download from here:

Some release notes:

1. The Woof build system offers choice of X auto-start or run Xorg Wizard. I choose latter as the former is relatively untested.
2. The kernel is 2.6.32-40, same as using in Wary. It is good, Debian Squeeze also uses the 2.6.32.x series. I built the live-CD with SCSI and the big analog modem kernel drivers extracted to a separate 'zrdv' -- so, you don't need to download the 'zdrv' sfs unless you have particular need of those drivers.
3. I put in my SeaMonkey 1.1.18 PET as it is small. I got a much smaller live-CD than by building with Midori and all it's dependencies (that is, the official Debian Midori .deb and deps).
4. The iso is only 117MB, quite good, but I have left out ffmpeg and a media player such as mplayer. Lots of media libraries are included though.

I think that my 4.99.2 build is a good base system. You would be cutting out essential functionality if you took out any more packages. But of course, SeaMonkey could be replaced with something else if desired.
I left out ffmpeg as the official Debian version is a bit old, not supporting libvpx (webM), but I have included libvpx. My thinking is that someone could compile an up-to-date ffmpeg -- search my blog for howto. Ditto for a media player and browser plugin, such as mplayer (etc).

Perhaps even my Wary ffmpeg and player PETs would work.

Anyway, I built this Dpup to bring it up-to-date with the stable release of Debian. If anyone wants to work on it, you are welcome. Either remaster the CD or rebuild with Woof. I will upload the Woof used to build this Dpup asap -- please follow instructions on to download the Woof with history, then maintain the discipline to stay synced with latest Woof ('woof download').



Dpup #1 Woof release
Username: ttuuxxx
"Barry you did it again :) with Dpup, If you download the latest Firefox compiled from Mozilla and extract it to /lib and run the Firefox script it starts without updating adding anything, then the real test is going to the Firefox theme page and using the scrollbars to see if there is any lag in the up/down movement and once again Dpup has 0% lag. for years this has been the best way to test for scrollbar lag, and Dpup & 2.14X, are the only 2 puppy versions to have a 100% pass this since 3 series:) the worst was 4 series. I'm very impressed and will build a media-player package for it today ttuuxxx Thanks once again for this excellent release

Username: zigbert
"I know that this will be fixed, but just as a notice: Both Pburn and Pmusic won't work properly without ffmpeg. Also Ptiming and Pclock will suffer a bit. Thank you for Dpup Sigmund

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I started a bug/feedback for this Dpup Also this iso included libmathview, which basically just adds a very 2300kb latex libs for a 230kb plugin /usr/lib/abiword-2.8/plugins/ I would say 99% of the people could live without it. Or maybe a repo item, also are the 1300kb of gimp libs needed? and also abiword has the 1300kb lib, I think maybe another repo item. if those 4 things were removed it would free up almost 4MB. Just an idea. ttuuxxx

dpup devx doc's
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi barry as you know I compile live so the first thing I do is extract the devx and make a pet out of it, well this time I had a look at the /usr/share/doc and it was 50MB and then the /usr/share/gtk-doc folder was 3MB, Wow 53MB of doc's massive, so I deleted them and the pet went from 124MB to 101MB. Sure some doc's are useful but most aren't. Thanks once again for this release its running perfect. :) ttuuxxx

Re Dpup extra space
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, That's great that you have identified so many areas of unneeded bloat. That is going make this a trim little iso!

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