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"Squeezed Puppy" first test

May 17, 2011 — BarryK
I have updated Woof to build Dpup, that is a Puppy built with Debian packages, from the stable "Squeeze" repositories. Apart from fixing the package selection -- the last time I did this was for 'Lenny' -- I also had to fix a few things in Woof.

Using it right now, running Midori web browser. Midori is working ok, except the text insertion is strange, sometimes have to click a few times in a text-entry box to get it to become the active text entry point.

I decided to go the Midori/Gstreamer route, but I think it is a bloated way to go. The reason is the hierarchy of dependencies is quite horrendous for a full-featured Midori. For example, the 'icu' package needed by gstreamer bumps the live-CD iso file by about 7MB.

Anyway, will post another report soon. I have found a couple of things that need fixing.


Squeeze pup
Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry, hopefully the default browser will be Seamonkey, or Firefox :) Never really found Midori all that stable. looking forward an iso release. I wonder if seamonkey 2 is stable on it. ttuuxxx

Re Midori size
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Well, I might release a Squeezed Puppy iso built with gstreamer and Midori, and anyone who wants to "run with the ball" can have a go at recompiling Midori with less dependencies.

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