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SM crashes with insert key

May 05, 2011 — BarryK
In the Wary 5.1.1 feedback thread in the forum, shinobar posted that SeaMonkey crashes when the insert key is pressed. shinobar posted a link to here where the bug is explained:

The recommendation is that GTK be recompiled with the '--with-xinput' option.

Actually, sometime ago pizzasgood discovered that that option on its own is not good enough, and it has to be '--with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum'.

I looked at the configure options for GTK used in T2, and the problem is, I'm not quite sure whether the particular binary package that I am now using in Wary was configured with '--with-xinput=yes' only or with '--with-xinput=yes --enable-debug=minimum'. It might only have been the first one.

I don't have the problem. Running SM, when I press the insert key there is no problem, so I do hope that the person who has reported this bug really was running Wary 5.x.

Anyway, to be on the safe side, I am right now recompiling GTK with both configure options. Note, Wary uses GTK version 2.20.1 and I have left that unchanged.


gtk configure
Username: BarryK
Er, no --enable-debug=minimum is the default anyway. I don't know pizzasgood's original post on this, but perhaps he did --enable-debug=yes. I'll do that.

Re insert key
Username: BarryK
"I compiled gtk with --enable-debug=yes, and gasp, the PET is 1MB bigger, stripped. So I took another look at the T2 config, it looks like gtk was configured with --disable-debug. So, doing it again, this time with --enable-debug=minimum

gtk pet bigger
Username: BarryK
"Well, even with --enable-debug=minimum, the gtk pet is 0.77MB bigger. I have to live with that, but not happy. Bumping the live-CD by 0.77MB just because SM has a problem with the insert key, is not good.

SM insert key
Username: charlie6
"Hi, (disregard this if this looks redundant with rodin's post) «while writing a post» = as in rodin's description, SM crashes ONLY when pressing (accidentaly) the insert key WHILE the murga-linux-forum-thread/post-editor is open for writing/answering a post. It does not seem to happen in other circumstances. Thanks in advance for your time ! Cheers from Belgium, Charlie

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