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sudo 1.7.2

May 03, 2011 — BarryK
I have created PETs for sudo in the Quirky repo, usable by all Woof-built puppies:


The PETs (51KB, 32KB, 47KB):

The main PET only has 'sudo', and does not have /etc/sudoers. There is a template for sudo in Woof that deletes /etc/sudoers in any other sudo package. /etc/sudoers is intended to be supplied in rootfs-skeleton.

The DEV PET has 'visudo', used to edit /etc/sudoers.


Username: tronkel
/etc/sudoers can only be edited using visudo Any user with sudo privileges has to be included in this file e.g. for user "another_user" # User privilege specification root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL another_user ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL Works this way in Ubuntu.Worth a try

Re /etc/sudoers
Username: L18L
""/etc/sudoers can only be edited using visudo " No. root can do it, spot can do it, you can do it: # mp /etc/sudoers And I did it, copied Barry's entries into it. See my comment "Having Fun With Sudo" Using "another_user ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" would mean giving spot root privileges in general. The problem which has not yet been solved is just getting the password...

may be of use...
Username: scottman
" this link may be helpful... apparently some later sudo versions break pam, and dodgy visudo setup can cause constant bad passwords as well..

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