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That's life...

May 22, 2011 — BarryK
I was away from home last night, picked someone up from the airport. Long way to go just to pick someone up at the airport and drive them to their house, but I was looking after some of her stuff while she was overseas, had to bring it back.

Anyway, drove back home early this morning and arrived home to find my place has been burgled.
Someone must have noticed the absence of my car last night.

The stuff that was taken does not inconvenience me too much, except my 1.5TB USB hard drive has gone -- which I used for archiving stuff. Oh well.

They took my aircompressor, which I kept inside, a big thing on four wheels -- they somehow managed to get that out through a window. And, ha ha ha, they took my wind turbine, that I had never got around to installing.

I have house contents insurance, so it's ok.

The police came promptly, they even found some fingerprints on a window. They found tyre tracks and reckon it was a 4wd with a trailer.


i've got an alibi

monster truck
Username: 8-bit
"The hardest thing was driving the 4X4 from Oregon to swipe yours stuff. The trailer sank on the way back. Actually, I am sorry to hear of this. And now that you have been hit once, are you a future target?

Username: FeodorF
"Very sorry to hear that Barry! I had those visitors twice at my place. First time they came through the front door, second time they came through the back door. Yes, they smashed both doors - I had to call the same company twice, to replace those doors. Big bills - my insurance did not pay because the damage was not high enough! The funny part about the hole thing - at the basement they tried to get into my safe - or what ever they expected behind that big , heavy steel door down there. No, it was no safe at all - it was my boiler room with my diesel oil storage inside. Let us shoot them (burglars), they deserve it!

Low mindpower
Username: capoverde
"Judging by where they hit and what they took away, they're the classic dumbasses - not too hard to get spotted by police officers who know their job. Good to see you take it well, but wish everything may get back home shortly!

May 21
Username: Raffy
"Shouldn't there be earth-shaking event May 21, 2011? The air compressor will work nicely as float over the flood waters, and the turbine would help power the raft. ;-) Must be the works of people who knew your whereabouts. Sorry to hear about it.

That's life...
Username: ttuuxxx
"Well Barry I find that burglaries in Australia are in the rise, I caught someone two years ago try to rip off things in my house, and at work, they stole some stainless steel kitchen commercial items and even the forklift, yes a forklift and its all to do with either drugs or the extreme cost of living and its even going to get worse once this new carbon tax happens, man I wish Julia would take her lying head out of the clouds and look around. Anyways sorry to hear about your unfortunate losses. ttuuxxx

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