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Timeline for Wary 5.1.2 (and Woof)

May 05, 2011 — BarryK
There have been some fantastic things happening with Woof, as reported in this blog. The thing is though, no-one can use any of it until I upload Woof. So, I am thinking of getting it together over the next couple of days...

fido and spot
I will upload Woof and do a beta build of Wary, but fido will still have some rough edges (ok, bugs). Also, there are things that could be added, like for example an Access Manager to choose what fido is allowed to do -- like pizzasgood did -- I don't know if "Access Manager" is the right name for it. I have started a LoginManager in the System menu, that currently only offers to switch a save-file from fido back to root -- perhaps the name LoginManager could be changed to some name more generic and include security/access choices for fido.
Some things are still broken when running as fido -- for example, booting off usb Flash, saving is not working properly. Some scripts that I have set with sudo to run as root, may in fact run ok as fido if some small changes are made -- for example, some of my scripts I have written to system areas such as /etc, which could be changed to /root or /var.

Then there's spot. I have setup a good infrastructure for getting browsers (etc) to run as spot. For example, sound should now "just work".

I don't really want to get too hung up on configuring/debugging fido and spot. We have guys like pizzasgood, nathan and kirk who know a lot more than me about running non-root. Maybe someone even understands the official sudo documentation! So, some guys might be interested in playing with fido/spot in the next Wary release.

Wary 5.1.1
I still haven't got back to reading the Forum thread on Wary 5.1.1 feedback. I think that I got as far as page 5 before. I'll get onto that this afternoon.


Wary or Quirky?
Username: ICPUG
This may be a bit pedantic but ... If fido - spot is a bit rough around the edges shouldn't they be developed in a Quirky - which is a testbed - rather than Wary. I thought Wary was supposed to be the rock solid Puppy for older hardware? By the way - thanks for the fido development. I think there may be a lot of issues along the way of development. I do hope the detractors of Puppy running as root appreciate the effort!

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