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/tmp size fix

May 21, 2011 — BarryK
Under certain circumstances, the tmpfs mounted on /tmp has the wrong size. Bruce B discovered this:

Thanks, fixed (see page 4 of thread).


RPM support in Woof
Username: Iguleder
Barry, something cool for Woof you intended to work on, in the long-term: RPM support. I added support for Scientific Linux (a free RHEL clone). It requires a recent Busybox, so rpm2cpio supports RPM v3. PPM still won't work with it, that's something you understand better so I didn't touch it. Patches for 0setup, 1download and inline_get_compat: Extra files needed: [url=]DISTRO_COMPAT_REPOS-scientific-6rolling and the brand new [url=]rpm2ppm ;) The latter converts a 4000-packages package list to a PPM one within [b]1 minute and 40 seconds[/b] on a poor little netbook. Good stuff!

Bad Perl
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, That is fantastic! When I tried your rpm2ppm, I got this message: [i]: bad interpreter: No such file or directory[/i] ...I also got this before when I started to look at your debian 2 ppm converter script. I'm running Wary. I have the 'devx' loaded, so have the full Perl.

Perl is sane
Username: BarryK
"I just did a quick test that my Perl does work, a one-line "hello world" works. Note, is built-in to the core of Perl since 5.8. Wary has Perl version 5.10.1.

bad interpreter
Username: aragon2
"Barry, For the bad interpreter: create a new script on linux and copy over the text from the non working to the new one. Save and test the new one. Should work now. Aragon

That fixed it!
Username: BarryK
"Aragon, Thanks for that. I found out what was wrong. The script was Windows style cr/lf line ends. In Geany I changed it to lf only and the script then worked.

Missing LF
Username: BarryK
"I downloaded the files from by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" link. Another thing that was wrong with all the files that I downloaded is that the LF char was missing from the last line -- the patch files do not work without the LF on the last line.

Username: BarryK

Username: Iguleder
"I guess it's another pastebin weirdness. This one converts all line endings to DOS-style and trims the line break at the end of uploaded files. Kinda silly. By the way, I can rewrite the script without the use of a "switch" statement, so you don't need the devx to run it, just a barebones Perl. That would make it very messy and hard to maintain.

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