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Wary (5.1.2 beta1)

May 06, 2011 — BarryK
This is an exciting release, interesting new features. The DISTRO_VERSION variable in /etc/DISTRO_SPECS now allows a dotted unlimited version, in this case The ".53" is a kind of random number I chose, to show that we are well beyond 5.1.1.

This is a beta release, but beta-quality only in certain respects, such as the new 'fido' (well, that is really alpha quality), and in most respects is probably release quality I think -- I am happily using this pup everyday. But not ready for public announcement, not until 5.1.2.

Get this pup from here:

To find out what has been going on, scan through my blog posts, but a few very brief release notes...

At first shutdown, you are asked whether you want to create the save file as administrator (root) or fido (non-root). I have got it basically working, but there are rough edges and if anyone wants to take this on-board, knock fido into shape, please go for it. You will need to understand how to configure /etc/sudoers, which is quite a challenge. There are also some scripts that could be modified just a bit to work without requiring switching to root.

I have setup the infrastructure in Woof, device nodes and sound in particular, to make it easier to implement a web browser (etc) running as spot. If 01micko or kirk, or anyone else, would like to work on this, please go for it.

This Wary is using the kernel, and I do not as yet have nVidia PETs for it. If anyone is interesting in creating such PETs, that would be very helpful. Ditto for ATI.
The kernel source SFS is here:
Username: p#u#p#p#y Password: l#i#n#u#x

Desktop theme
The theme is a bit weird. It is really only the default choices when I built with Woof. There needs to be a brand spanking new theme for 5.1.2 final.

Alsa Wizard
I do not know if this is broken or not. I fixed something in /usr/sbin/alsaconf, the filename "/etc/init.d/10alsa", but this fix may actually cause a problem.

This is a GUI for 'su'. Not being used for anything yet. I noticed that it's icon got deleted during build in Woof, don't know if that will affect it's operation.

This build has SM 1.1.18 with a great collection of addons (see This is not a long term solution though, as eventually we need to support HTML5.
I am planning to compile Firefox 4.x with addons that will give the equivalent of the suite, and we shall see if that is the way to go -- expect this soon.


Forum feedback for Wary
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback: Md5sums: [i]733ae1317b6b4de17f7059658ccf6d81 devx_wary_5.1.1.53.sfs 5c93c2bce9ef3615e13744eb153d01e5 wary-[/i]

ffox simplemail
Username: ozsouth
"Further testing showed that services like hotmail need starttls to send (receive was OK) - not an option in simplemail. Yahoo mail was fine using ssl. I looked through ffox 'about:config' but couldn't see how to launch with a starttls command, as the error message suggests.

fido is partly broken
Username: BarryK
"Oh, I should add, please don't post any bug reports on fido. I know it is partly broken. The purpose of fido in this release is for anyone who wants to fix it. If you are not in that "I can fix it" category, you can still try fido if you wish, but don't expect everything to work, and don't post here or the forum about what does and does not work. Thanks. Developers of various Puppy apps, for example Pburn, wcpufreq (etc.) might want to run as fido to see if their app still works, and maybe incorporate changes to get it to run non-root, or do the sudo thing as I have implemented. /etc/sudoers can also be configured to allow some apps to run as root without needing to enter a password. Note, I attempted to do that -- put the "SHUTDOWN" category in /etc/sudoers to allow shutdown without needing password. But, I hardly know anything about the required syntax in /etc/sudoers.

Username: 01micko
"pupradio is updated to run with fido, seems to work fine. (link in wary thread) Also, printer setup was ok (running as fido)

Xorg 7.5
Username: mave
"Hi Barry, used your Xorg 7.5 upgrade wird Wary 5.x because on my Thinkpad machines the ATI-chips aren't supported well with 7.3 and its Mesa 6.x. No goog working, bad with Seamonkey... But the 7.5-package breaks compiling (my post in the BaCon-Forum). Please, could you include Xorg 7.5 as base in Wary (I know it sholud be for older hardware, but does this 7.5 not?) Small version with only XVesa is okay and additional package for other drivers and mesa/dri-extensions. (Tried compiling Xorg-Sources but without success.) Regards mave

Nvidia 260.19.44 driver
Username: philb
"Here's my attempt at the Nvidia 260.19.44 driver, it's working ok for me. I've posted it in the new wary thread, needs other people to test it. phil

Menu icon missing Thunar File Manager
Username: broomdodger
"Puppy frugal admin The Menu icon is missing: Menu > Filesystem > Thunar File Manager /usr/share/applications/Thunar.desktop Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/Thunar-hammer.png No such icon. The only icon I could find: /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons/mini-hammer.xpm -Bill

Re Thunar icon
Username: BarryK
"I have just now installed the Thunar PET, and the menu icon is present. The file /usr/share/pixmaps/Thunar-hammer.png is in the PET. I presume that you are using the Thunar PET in the Wary repo?

Menu icon missing Thunar File Manager
Username: broomdodger
"A plain install of wary- No PETs installed.

Re Thunar icon
Username: broomdodger
"Hmmm, there IS a menu item: Menu > Filesystem > Thunar File Manager No icon, but I guess Thunar is not even installed. Clicking the menu item does nothing. Is this "stub" by design? -Bill

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