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Woof timeline

May 12, 2011 — BarryK
There have been three very important bug fixes in Woof over the last few days, which makes it important to upload Woof soon.

1. Rerwin reported one or two modules failed to load.
2. PCMCIA slots in some older hardware did not work.
3. Could not boot from USB if no internal HDD.

No.1 came in when I merged 'zzz' into Woof. No.3 came into Woof awhile back, no.2 even further back -- 2 and 3 both afflict Lucid Puppy I think.

I will also release another Wary at the same time. Let's see, give me another couple of days to sort out a few other things, then expect uploads.


add smartctl to distribution iso?
Username: broomdodger
Hello Barry I always add smartctl to my puppy. It is about 192k. If you learn to read its output it can be helpful to determine harddisk health. Is there any chance that you will add smartctl to the distribution iso? It turns the puppy cd into a great testdisk utility cd like Parted Magic, GParted or SystemRescue! -Bill

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