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Xfe file manager

May 05, 2011 — BarryK
Billtoo has created PETs for the Xfe file manager, which needs the Fox toolkit:

I have uploaded these to the Wary repo (1.7MB, 1.9MB, 355KB):

Note, I tweaked the 'pet.specs' file in the xfe package slightly, added 'fox' as dependency:

xfe-1.32.2-i686|xfe|1.32.2-i686||Filesystem|6816K|||+fox|File Manager|puppy|wary5||

Xfe and fox will of course be offered in the Puppy Package Manager in the next release of Wary.


Xfe with static Fox
Username: BarryK
Forum member Sylvander posted that technosaurus has created a small Xfe PET with Fox statically compilied-in (so doesn't need Fox library): Great, I have tweaked the filename of the NLS PET and modified the pet.specs files slightly: [i]xfe_staticFOX-1.32.1-i486|xfe_staticFOX|1.32.1-i486||Filesystem|1848K||||A lightweight file manager, note: fox library statically included, note: compiled in puppy4 should work other puppies|||| xfe_staticFOX_NLS-1.32.1-i486|xfe_staticFOX_NLS|1.32.1-i486||Filesystem|916K||||File manager||||[/i] And uploaded the PETs to the Wary repo (714KB, 287KB):

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