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Busy with other stuff

June 02, 2011 — BarryK
My apologies, you may have noticed my input to this blog and forum has slowed recently. It will stay slow for awhile. I have other stuff to attend to.



so much for retirement
Username: scsijon
"?shouldn't you be taking it a bit easier with puppy and more on other things. I seem to remember your intentions of retirement. Tried it with my work, didn't happen either, seem to be working harder than ever, oh well at least it's keeping the brain and body active. Just make sure your priorities are right and it all seems to work out. regards

Re retirement
Username: BarryK
"Ha ha, yes, I'm working just as much on Puppy as before. But, I will be winding down a bit soon.

Core Puppy PETs
Username: BarryK
"Just a note, I am doing other things, but still doing some Puppy work -- currently looking into separating out the core PETs that are used in all puppies. This is something that Iguleder requested. These core PETs could be in a central repo. I am also writing a little GUI in Woof to make it easier to choose what core PETs you want, with dependency checking.

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