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June 20, 2011 — BarryK
A few days ago, someone contacted me. He wanted to mirror Puppy Linux off, but their rsync server seems not to be working. I asked him to contact

Just now I have looked at, and see that they have not updated since June 8:

Ditto here:

However, these guys still have working mirroring:

Hmmm. I have sent an email to


mirrors again
Username: 01micko
Seems fixed now. Just checked nluug and aarnet. Be aware that UOC must monitor changes on ibiblio more closely, either with a keen eye or a smart script. When the mirror issues occurred earlier this year UOC was the only one to keep up. They use wget when rsync fails AFAIK.

Puppy Download Page
Username: bigpup
"Puppy Download Page The first download link for ibiblio on the Puppy Linux repository and Quirky (and Wary) repository do not work. Get a web page error when clicked on. The Alternative HTTP URL does work.

Re download links
Username: BarryK
"bigpup, Thanks, fixed.

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