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Puppy development slowdown

June 26, 2011 — BarryK
Again. My apologies, will get back to it soon.

On Friday I had a colonoscopy, that is, a probe rammed up the rear end. For a few months I have been having tummy pains, and my doctor advised the best thing to do is have a colonoscopy. When I asked about the risks, he told me that I have a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying. The gastroenterologist, the guy who actually performed the procedure, told me that there is a 1 in 2,000 chance of perforation of the colon. Quite a primitive, high-risk procedure I reckon. Anyway, I went through with it, seem to have survived ok.

Then I found out my mum and step-father had both been taken to hospital. Mum came home yesterday afternoon, so I have stayed overnight with her, a sister will watch her tonight, hubby is expected to be home on Monday.

Right now, I am just about to drive home.

Then I'll do some Puppy work, upload Woof, but I'm not sure about Mageia -- I tested on my laptop and both keyboard and mouse are dead, don't know why. Will see if I can figure it out. So Mageia might get delayed, but I want to upload latest Woof.

There are going to be some more personal things happening in July, too.

Had a flu shot, first time ever, yesterday, never trusted them before. Heading over to Melbourne later in July, so wanted to be prepared for that cold flu-prone city.

Oh, yes, the colonoscopy report is that my colon is fine. I was sedated so remember nothing, but apparently the instruments recorded that I was experiencing some pain, meaning what I don't quite know, some nearby organ perhaps -- my doctor will have to decide on what test comes next. The gastroenterologist suggested that the digestive system can just become sensitive and you have to live with it.


Healing and Well Being

Wishing you well
Username: Tony
"Never rains but it pours as they say. Hope all goes well with tests and they get you sorted. Might I suggest that eating more raw unprocessed food (fruits, nuts and veg) may be beneficial. Heating changes the basic structure of food (You only have to look at what happens to an egg when cooked to see an example of how big the change can be). I presume with gut pain you have already considered allergy to bovine lactic secretions and wheat? Re jabs, take a look here at ingredients which can include Chick Embryo, Formaldehyde, Thimerisol (mercury derivative). all the best.

Username: Raffy
"That other organ could well be prostate, usually becoming an issue when sitting long hours, but there should be urinary symptoms and not just tummy pain. Let's hope it is just a mild infection somewhere. :)

Re dead mouse/keyboard
Username: BarryK
"I don't feel inclined to work on it tonight, but I did a bit of research earlier, and I think I know what the problem is. It affects both the auto-start of X and using the Xorg Wizard. Mageia 1 is using X server 1.10.1, which handles input devices a bit differently. I've got some good ideas now for fixing it, which will try in the morning. Both skeleton xorg.conf files that I have for auto-start and the Wizard are based on using the 'kbd' and 'mouse' drivers. However, the 1.10.x server does not use these unless hotplugging is disabled, which requires a special entry in xorg.conf. Or, if the 'evdev' input driver is used, which now preferred, then the skeleton xorg.conf files need some changes.

yes pouring instead of raining
Username: nancy reagan
"Let's hope for the best. Instead of taking morning walks I suggest to take some smaller in afternoon and evening as well. Good for circulation and inspiration. Nancy Reagan

Re: colonoscopy
Username: Zeke-baby
"A clean bill of health from a colonoscopy is something to celebrate! The pain you experienced is not from hitting an organ. Take a look at any pic of what a colon looks like. There are two 90 degree bends to navigate when snaking the camera through. The pain comes from hitting the wall when negociating the turn (which is where the chance of perforation is most likely). Take care!

Tummy Pain
Username: wscarl
"Friend of mine died from stomach cancer- it was the last thing they look for by then it was to late. If they have not look at it, Please consider it. Best wishes. WSCarl

Username: aarf
"stomach was resisting all my known cures so searched Ayurvedic Stomach. came up with this: "Take 100 gm of coriander seeds and 25 gm cumin seeds. Powder these seeds to a fine consistency and mix them thoroughly. Take a spoonful of this powder and add it to a glass of milk. This is an excellent remedy for a bloated stomach." excellent. but there are many causes and many Ayurvedic cures. guess its a matter of trail and error and see what works for your particular case.

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