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The week ahead

June 20, 2011 — BarryK
I want to bring my project for Woof to support building from Mageia packages to a conclusion very soon. I'm itching to get onto other things.

Right now it is 8.15pm Monday 20 June. I have personal things that will keep me otherwise occupied Thursday-Saturday. So, I will try to get Mageia "out of the way" by Wednesday night.
I should get something that boots, but I don't know how broken it will be.

My to-do list has been accumulating. There is a lot of other stuff in Woof that I want to work on, plus lots to do in Wary.

There have been many improvements in Woof recently, so I'll see if Woof can be uploaded Wednesday night.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry if you want me to upload the Mageia packages/files like last time just send me a cd and instructions and I'll upload it for you if you like before. ttuuxxx

Re uploading
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, Actually, there is one thing. A lot of my archived stuff got lost when my 1.5TB USB drive was stolen. However, I have a DVD with Puppy Linux 1.0.8r1, all the development files, which was the last release of the 1.x series. That old Pup series might interest someone, so before I lose that one remaining copy, I should upload it.

Re Re uploading
Username: ttuuxxx
"Sure Barry send me anything and I'll upload it for you even if its 10GB. :) I updated my net plan to 200GB per month :) so I have lots of room. ttuuxxx

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