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Woof uploaded, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011 — BarryK
This is commit '20110626083115'. I do not yet have Mageia quite working right, but as that might be delayed a few more days, and so much other stuff has happened in Woof, I thought it best to upload Woof now.

The previous Woof upload was on May 25:

If you have Bones version 0.2.2 installed, there is now an option to download a recent snapshot tarball and then subsequent xdelta files, without having to download the entire xdelta history:

A lot of stuff has happened in this latest Woof. As I said, Mageia isn't quite right yet (dead keyboard/mouse on my laptop, Xorg Wizard broken), but some other major things, including...

A new 'common' PET repo:

New '1choosepackages' script:

Tonight I will work on the Mageia build, see if I can sort that out.


A bad age to be
Username: tronkel
A had a similar experience. In hindsight, I think that it has to do with a male "menopause" Typical are stomach and bowel problems. The comes a panic visit to the doctor. Obligatory colonoscopy follows and result is in most cases negative. then comes a slew of other symptoms that one has never before experienced. More trips to the doctor where various useless medications are prescribed. After the menopause all these things disappear as if they had never happened. Personally, I take zero medication and am now fine. I'm no believer in pill swallowing. Stick to what you know Barry. Programming will do you no harm!

Pets for PUPs
Username: GCMartin
"Hi Barry, I sent a PM with a couple of ideas for 32bit PUPs Repo. Hope this helps.

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