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'pngoverlay' utility

July 20, 2011 — BarryK
Vovchik developed a little program, written in BaCon, to overlay two PNG images:

I modified it a little bit, added entry of image filenames on the commandline, CLI only (conversion only, no output window), and recognises sizes of original images.

The executable is /usr/sbin/pngoverlay (31KB), and I also included /usr/sbin/pngoverlay.bac. I put these straight into rootfs-skeleton in Woof, as I plan to use it in system scripts.

There is also a new image, /usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/closebox_outline48.png in Woof, the purpose of which will be revealed soon.

I will upload the code very soon, that is, Woof will be uploaded.


pngoverlay problem
Username: BarryK
I mentioned in later posts about the problem of 'pngoverlay' requiring X to be running. I have been communicating with Bryan, the maintainer of netpbm, which are image manipulation utilities that have been in Puppy since almost the beginning. I have discussed my inability to replicate the functionality of pngoverlay with netpbm, and Bryan has sent me an email that he intends to modify one of the utilities (pamcomp) that will then enable me to overlay two PNG images, with transparency. So, I am eagerly waiting to see what Bryan develops.

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