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BaCon 1.0.23

July 07, 2011 — BarryK
The BaCon BASIC compiler has reached version 1.0.23. I have compiled it in Wary and put the PETs into the 'common' repo for all puppies to use.

Download (63KB, 924KB):

The runtime PET has /usr/lib/, which BaCon apps using HUG (Highlevel Universal GUI) may optionally use to make executables smaller (ex: see /usr/sbin/welcome1stboot.bac).

The _DEV PET goes into the 'devx' and has the compiler, include files and documentation. It also has 'bacongui' which is a GUI IDE.


HUG has undergone significant development since BaCon 1.0.22, see docs:

For more info, see my BaCon intro pages:

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