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Basic versioning support in Woof

July 24, 2011 — BarryK
I announced versioning support for package dependencies in the previous blog post:

I have now implemented basic support when building a Puppy distro in Woof.

I have modified some kernel-version-sensitive packages accordingly:


For example, in the 'common' repo, there are now two 'aufs2-util' packages. Here are their pet.specs entries:

aufs2-util-20090904-1-p4|aufs2-util|20090904-1-p4||BuildingBlock|996K||||utilities for aufs2 layered filesystem|puppy|4||

aufs2-util-20110110aufs21-1-w5|aufs2-util|20110110aufs21-1-w5||BuildingBlock|96K|||+linux_kernel&ge2.6.32|aufs 2.1 layered filesystem utilities, for kernels 2.6.32 and later|puppy|wary5||

Woof chooses the appropriate package to suit the chosen kernel.

I wrote a new script in Woof, support/1buildversiondeps, which does the version checking. It is very klutzy and inefficient how it fits in with the other scripts, but it does work.
I need to rewrite some big chunks of the Woof scripts sometime.

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