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gtkdialog project revived

July 04, 2011 — BarryK
This is so fantastic! Some of the guys, especially forum member 'thunor', have got stuck into improving gtkdialog, the primary tool that we use in Puppy for creating GUI frontends for shell scripts.

A special forum thread has been created to track this work:

thunor has created a project page hosted by Google:

I have downloaded revision-83 from SVN, and compiled it in Wary. I have placed it in the 'common' repo for all Puppy builds to use (60KB):

The PET has /usr/sbin/gtkdialog, with gtkdialog3 a symlink to it.

I have uploaded the source for revision-83 here, gtkdialog-0.7.20-thunor-rev83.tar.gz (519KB):


Username: 8-bit
thunor's efforts are greatly appreciated. His improvements to gtkdialog are ongoing and he has been adding new features. So I check the thread on Murga-linux/puppy in the Cutting Edge section to see what was added and update/compile it as new features are added.

gtkdialog version
Username: 01micko
"Thunor has actually bumped the version to 0.7.21. [i]gtkdialog3 -v[/i] Some updated apps will be coming soon ;)

Gtkdialog package fault
Username: BarryK
"I have re-uploaded the gtkdialog3 PET package, did not change it's name. I had gtkdialog3 as a symlink to executable gtkdialog, however, somewhere else a reverse operation is performed, resulting in two symlinks, pointing to each other. The PET now only has gtkdialog3 executable, no symlink. So, if you are a Woof developer, you might have already downloaded this PET, please grab it again, put it in 'packages-pet' in Woof.

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