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More 'common' PETs

July 22, 2011 — BarryK
I was examining the Drake Puppy build and noticed where Woof had fallen back to getting PETs out of the 'puppy 4' repo. I have placed some of these into the 'common' repo, as they are packages that all Puppy builds are likely to need.

'common' repo:

Latest database file:


deb2ppm 2.0
Username: Iguleder
Barry, I re-implemented the famous deb2ppm in Pascal, after the Perl version. It's a static (after all, the Pascal standard library is linked statically) 284 KB binary which does real magic. This thingy is able to convert the Debian Squeeze "main" package list (31 MB of text, nearly 800,000 lines) into a PPM one in [b]62 seconds[/b] on my netbook. This time it features buffered I/O and the unbeatable processing power of Pascal. There's only one downside, this tool eats ~50 MB of RAM and makes the CPU choke. I think I'm going to upload it to the E17 dpup thread I opened, so if you want it for use with Woof, it's waiting for you :)

Off topic,sorry
Username: PaulBx1
"Barry there are two problems with encryption in pretty much every Puppy release. I have described the fix to playdayz but I guess he doesn't want to mess with initrd.gz in luci256. He suggested I nag you about it. First problem is the "pfix=fsck" flag does not work because you have commented out the call to the fsck routine in the init script (line 967 in Luci 265). Not sure why you did because if I uncomment it, it works (perhaps something that previously failed, is now working). Also my encrypted pupsave occasionally gets an fsck through other means, e.g. a bad shutdown. It should be uncommented because ext2 filesystems need an fsck once in a while. Users with encrypted pupsaves are forced to dig around the forum looking for a recipe to fsck their pupsave manually. Second problem is the creation (in /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown) or extension (in the init script) of encrypted pupsaves. You use "dd if=/dev/zero", which is OK for unencrypted pupsaves, and fast. But it is poor cryptographic practice for encrypted pupsaves. You should be using /dev/urandom for those. Unfortunately this makes the creation of a 512MB pupsave take 5 or 6 minutes on my computer. In the init script it just needs the simple change because the handling of encrypted pupsaves is already separate from unencrypted there, but in rc.shutdown all pupsaves are created in that one statement. So to keep most folks who use unencrypted pupsaves happy, there needs to be broken out the handling of encrypted pupsaves and /dev/urandom applied only for them. I hope you can take care of these two bugs. They have been around for as long as we've had encryption.

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