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My new laptop running at 1366x768!

July 18, 2011 — BarryK
Oh boy, am I happy! I purchased an Acer Aspire AS5742G laptop, but then found that it has "hybrid graphics", that is, two GPUs, and Wary would only display at 1024x768 and only 'vesa' driver worked.

So, I installed Mageia 1, and alas, that also can only run at 1024x768 and vesa driver. I messed around in Mageia, couldn't get anything better ...but things get interesting...

pemasu has been working in this area, see helpful posts to this blog:
Also forum thread on hybrid graphics:

I have just now built Drake Puppy with the 2.6.39-3 kernel built as announced in above blog link. I let Xorg configure itself automatically, and lo-and-behold it came up with the 'intel' driver and at 1366x768 (the correct resolution)!

I didn't have to do any "VGA switcheroo" operation. That's why I'm so pleased. What is interesting is that Mageia couldn't do it, but Drake Puppy is built from Mageia's Xorg packages.

Anyway, it is important for the kernel to have VGA switcheroo enabled, so I am recompiling (take-5) with debugfs enabled, as pemasu has advised. I might then experiment with switching my laptop to use the nVidia GPU.

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