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Package Manager fixes

July 06, 2011 — BarryK
The Puppy Package Manager had a bug in Drake Puppy 0.1, that we discussed and I already posted a fix:

James C mentioned some other issues with the PPM, so I decided to fix those too. This is what has now been fixed:

1. Install Mageia .rpm files
As per the above link. I extended the script 'exploderpm' with a '-i' (install) option and the PPM is now using that instead of 'rpm -i'.

2. Exec line in .desktop
James C reported that "%u" has to be removed off the line "Exec iceape %u" in /usr/share/applications/iceape.desktop. PPM now does this automatically.

3. No icons in menu
James C reported that the JWM menu entries for iceape do not have icons. This is because they are not where JWM looks for icons. PPM now makes sure that JWM finds the icons.

4. False dependencies
I did a test install of iceape, and PPM reports some missing dependencies that are actually present. It took awhile to sort out the logic, but I managed to fix this too. The only missing dependency after fixing is 'indexhtml'.

5. Uninstall, update menu
When a package is uninstalled, the JWM menu is now updated to remove any invalid entries.

All of the above is in this Service Pack (21KB):

These fixes apply to all Woof-built puppies, so the above Service Pack can be used on Wary, etc., any pup built from a recent Woof.


PPM fixes-2
Username: James c
I just did another frugal install of Drake Pup on my main Linux box so I installed the new service pack too. I again installed Iceape 2.0.14 on this fresh install and the install went perfect. Launched fine and even has the icon in the menu.No tweaking of anything necessary, working great out of the box. Thanks again.

servicepack time
Username: L18L
"fido in wary512 installed servicepack # tar: root/.packages: time stamp 2011-07-06 15:38:47 is 23494.926980469 s in the future tar: root: time stamp 2011-07-06 15:38:03 is 23450.924736614 s in the future tar: pet.specs: time stamp 2011-07-06 15:13:19 is 21966.924263761 s in the future tar: usr/local/petget/ time stamp 2011-07-06 15:05:16 is 21483.922420326 s in the future tar: usr/local/petget/ time stamp 2011-07-06 09:33:48 is 1595.920733997 s in the future tar: usr/local/petget: time stamp 2011-07-06 15:09:47 is 21754.919703414 s in the future # My time is 09:10 now No idea whether this is important or not.

Unified Package Manager
Username: mistfire
"Barry I had a question regarding the Puppy Package Manager. Does the PPM can install rpm even the Puppy is not built from Mageia such as Spup, Dpup, and Lucid Puppy? Does it have an ability to Upgrade or Downgrade installed packages? Is it possible to roll-up pet, rpm, tgz, and deb in one Package Manager?

re PPM
Username: BarryK
"Yes, PPM handles all those package formats, regardless which build of Puppy. I don't know what you mean by "Upgrade", "Downgrade", "roll-up". There is no upgrade/downgrade mechanism as-such.

Add Puppy to EFI registry
Username: Ted Dog
"Working on AntiMac PuppyLinux and noticed Suse and Redhat listed but not PuppyLinux. You need to add PUPPY! EFI used as boot method on Macs, since free storage of 200M is included in all Apple Computers would like to use it to place AntiMac Puppy ( acting like regular puppy linux ) on a mac.

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