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Short-term plans

July 28, 2011 — BarryK
I'm trying to do too much! It is resulting in me getting a little bit tense, I need to back off. I might do another round of bug-fixing with Drake Puppy, but slowly, no rush -- after that, perhaps I will put it up as a project for someone, an old "Mandrake fan", who might like to do a bit more work on it and get it to release status.

There is so much other stuff waiting for me to do. Some of it is important infrastructure stuff. These are things that I plan to work on over the next week or two:

1. Pkg selection in Woof
The code that chooses what packages go into a build, based on a list (PKGS_SPECS_TABLE), has issues. I need to re-write it.

2. T2 to Wary
Wary is based upon packages compiled in T2. Unfortunately, some of that work was on the USB drive that was stolen (see my blog report recently, my house was burgled), but I am managing to get it setup again. I want to recompile Xorg 7.3 without libxcb, as the API is incompatible with the newer xcb (the functions in the shared library are incompatible). Removing dependency on xcb will improve compatibility when install an Xorg 7.5/6 upgrade PET that does have xcb.
There are also some other changes I want to do in the recompile.

3. Wary kernel
Recompile 2.6.32.x kernel with inbuilt USB and HID drivers.

4. Various Woof improvements/fixes:
4.1 better fix for pngoverlay workaround.
4.2 frugal: sfs not copying into ram.

5. Upgrade PETs
There are many packages that need upgrading, that our keen developers are always improving. I need to do a round of upgrading of gtkdialog, Pburn, etc. Most of these will go into the 'common' repo.

There have been some other good suggestions posted to this blog, plus some Forum pm's and emails, but they have mostly been neglected by me due to lack of time. I am reluctant to call for suggestions to be re-posted, I might post a message soon requesting reminders of things that need to be looked at in Woof/Puppy.


Wary mix-n-match
Username: BarryK
Posting this as reminder to myself: It is good that I post many details to this blog, I need this info to properly reconstruct the T2 build environment for wary 5.x.

Section 4 item 4.2
Username: 8-bit
"For as long as I have been using Puppy frugal installs, I have never actually known as to if the SFS file is copied into the created ram disk in compressed or uncompressed form. In compressed form with on demand uncompression of a selected application or file, it would, it seems, take up very little ram space. But the logistics of making it work that way could cause one to go insane.

Copy to ram
Username: BarryK
"8-bit, If the SFS is copied to ram, apps will start slightly faster, and there will be less hard drive activity. If there is heaps of RAM, no reason why this shouldn't be done as the default.

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