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Woof supports xz-compressed SFS

July 13, 2011 — BarryK
Building a Puppy with the 2.6.39-x kernel, the '3builddistro' script now asks if gzip or xz compression is wanted for .sfs files.

I did a test build. Wary with gzip compression gave me a 121.5MB .iso file, then with xz compression gave a 104.6MB .iso file.

Hmmm, should be easy to take out some less-useful kernel drivers and get that under the magic 100MB figure. This Wary has everything, including Flash player and SeaMonkey 2.2.

I booted off a usb stick to test if responsiveness is any slower, particularly opening applications. However, I can't tell. Maybe apps do open a tad slower, but perhaps it isn't something that you would really notice. I'll have to upload a build and see what you guys think.


PAE enabled WARY
Username: GCMartin
As you probably remember, when JamesBond built the 1st PAE WARY, he couldn't tell the difference either. Most, if not all of us, who have tested Puppies has felt improvements in operational speed overall. Some of us have posted video and hardinfo reports to support our finding of very fast operation of the PAE enabled PUPs. Pemasu's efforts and those who have contributed has reported fast and STABLE environments in bout ISE and POLARPUP (PAE enabled PUPs). Stu90 and PuppyLuvr have also posted PAE based purely on Puppy525 that are stable, fast PUP derivatives. I have tested your (alpha) implementation and it is very fast. Great, great work by everyone. And, I don't think anyone is going to "pounce on you" for 4MB considering an observed speed improvement that you've provided us. Congratulation, and again, Thank you Barry check you PM

Flash libs
Username: maxerro
"Guys, did you get your Flash player to work? Mine was [b]libnspr4[/b] and [b]libnss3[/b] deficient, so that was another megabyte of supplements.

Username: joec.
""This Wary has everything, including Flash player and SeaMonkey 2.2." 100MB! Magic and Amazing THANK YOU

Username: mavrothal
"100MB sure makes a strong publicity statement :-) However, size per se is only important for limited resources hardware with less than 256MB of RAM, eg P3s, early P4s, or machines with embedded-class processors. In these machines gz to bz2 to zx makes a noticeable difference, so I hope wary-builds will stay wary and thus with gzip

size importance
Username: ICPUG
"The importance of size is NOT just for old hardware with lower levels of RAM. It is also important for download time, which is especially important for those without fast broadband. When will you guys with fast broadband realise that there are others in the world less fortunate than you!

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