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August 06, 2011 — BarryK
i have compiled the latest in the 2.6.32 series. There are some significant changes:

Fully automated
There are now three scripts, '', '' and ''. They are executed one after the other, and together they do everything. The first patches and compiles the kernel, the second compiles all the 3rd-party drivers, and the last creates the source SFS and PET.

2.6.32-43 versus
The first script offers the choice of retaining the version number as just "2.6.32" or "". As there are major configuration changes, I chose the latter.

Inbuilt HID and USB
The kernel is configured with core USB drivers and HID (Human Input Device) drivers builtin to the kernel. I already reported on this in my blog. I think that it gives faster bootup.

The PET, compiled in Wary 5.1.2 (for use in Woof only) (29.1MB):

The sources, including build scripts and the SFS:

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