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'common' repo download fixed

August 12, 2011 — BarryK
It has been reported that when an attempt is made to install a PET from the 'common' repo in the PPM (Puppy Package Manager), that it tries to download from the 'puppylinux' directory on, instead of the correct 'quirky' directory.

This problem afflicts all recent Woofs. I have fixed it, will be uploaded with next Woof, but if you want to fix it now, go into /usr/local/petget/ and edit about line 70 so that it looks like this:

 #100117 need a little hack for quirky... not the best, really should be a generic fix...

#if [ "`echo -n "$ONELIST" | grep 'quirky'`" != "" ];then
#if [ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "quirky" ];then #100903

#110812 hack for pets that are in quirky site at ibiblio...
[ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "quirky" ] && OFFICIAL_REPO='quirky' #100903
[ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "wary5" ] && OFFICIAL_REPO='quirky' #101014 wary5 pets also in quirky repo.
[ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "common" ] && OFFICIAL_REPO='quirky' #110812
[ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "drake" ] && OFFICIAL_REPO='quirky' #110812

#if [ "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "quirky" -o "$REPO_DEFAULT_SUBSUBDIR" == "wary5" ];then #100903 101014 wary5 pets also in quirky repo.
if [ "$OFFICIAL_REPO" = "quirky" ];then #110812

It would seem that the 'drake' repo had the same problem, so I fixed that too.

Tags: woof