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'picscale' image scaler 0.1b

August 03, 2011 — BarryK
Vovchik is our master at BaCon coding -- it was vovchik who introduced us to BaCon. Vovchik has created some great little utilities written in BaCon, 'picscale' is one of them.

The original version 0.1a was posted here:

A bugfix for spaces in filenames, version 0.1b:

I have compiled picscale in Wary 5.1.2 and created a PET. This will be in the 'common' repo (will upload soon), as ''. I will also upload the source soon to my source repo

picscale is used in Vovchik's Picona button-creator application, and in stu90's SimpleWALL wallpaper chooser. So, I reckon that picscale should be in all puppies and I have added it to the package-lists in all the builds in Woof (dpup, spup, wary, etc.).

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