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gtkdialog 0.7.21 rev174

August 03, 2011 — BarryK
Thunor is working intensely, improving gtkdialog. Forum thread:

I have downloaded the latest from SVN, revision 174, and created a PET (67KB):

Note that the executable is /usr/sbin/gtkdialog, with gtkdialog3 a symlink to it.

Thunor has also been improving the examples, and they are in the _DEV PET (42KB):


Better Than Mplayer: Mplayer2

Second that
Username: Iguleder1
"Barry - I wrote a build script for MPlayer 2 and it builds ffmpeg statically. You get a 3 MB binary that replaces both packages (and they're huge, it's way smaller) that uses 10-20 MB of RAM. Small, doesn't take much RAM and much easier to build.

Shared ffmpeg
Username: BarryK
"We must have shared ffmpeg, as many apps in Puppy need ffmpeg.

Username: BarryK
"Hmmm, that's how I have done it in the past, had with the docs in it. Wrong though, the PET should be I have re-uploaded with more appropriate name: The entries in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE have this: [i]yes|gtkdialog||exe,dev,doc>dev,nls| #used to be called gtkdialog3[/i] ...note for playdayz: I remember when you reported a script in Woof sorted the entries in PKGS_SPECS_TABLE and the comment lines ended up in the wrong places. Well, now Woof supports comments on the same line -- you can't do that with earlier Woofs (pre-Mageia1-era).

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