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Muted sound at first start

August 23, 2011 — BarryK
pemasu reported a fix for muted sound, by adding this line 'set Speaker 75 % unmute' into /etc/init.d/10alsa:

Yes, I have the same problem on my new laptop, have to unmute and raise the level in the "Speaker" slider in Retrovol. So, pemasu's fix seems appropriate to me.

I have inserted the new line into line 60 of /etc/init.d/10alsa.

I see also that 01micko has suggested some changes also, but there doesn't seem to be any feedback on that.

Note, the fact that I have picked up this fix on page 19 of the Puppy Exprimo thread does not mean that I have read all the pages of that thread! I just followed a link into it from somewhere, oh, yeah, I was looking for something don570 posted there. So, there might be other relevant fixes buried there that I should know about?


Username: 01micko
Yeah, that will probably fix very quiet sound om some EEE hardware too. I have another that fixes my nvidia hardware. [i]set 'Master Front' 75% unmute set 'Master Front' -12dB[/i] Note that Slacko uses a very hacked 10alsa script because alsaequal and the CAPS ladspa plugin are used for Pequalizer, a system wide alsa equalizer which zigbert and myself developed a gtkdialog gui. Off topic, just to save a post, there is a bug in the init script with booting from mmcblk1p1 (internal SD cards , not EEE 701 though as it's on USB bus).. on the OLPC, boots fine from USB though. I haven't fixed it yet but will take a look.

Long term sound problems
Username: Tony
"Hi Barry, on many versions of linux I have had this problem of low or no sound. So far it has always been down to low volume or 0 volume on mixers. Often the mixer control I need is not shown until added. For a newbie this could be a real pain. Perhaps at initial boot we could offer up the full mixer with all control present and a little sound playing? Thanks.

XO comment
Username: mavrothal
"No, should not be the frontend_d change. Most likely you need to change the olpc.fth because there PDEV1 is defined as mmcblk1p1.

Dpup Exprimo fixes
Username: pemasu
"I believe Iguleder has already posted most significant fixes needed for woof. For building Dpup Exprimo and needed hacks and fixes I have posted as list in Dpup Exprimo first page. Muted sound problem arise when I and stu90 tried to get sound unmuted during kernel experiments. 01micko posted his addition and I remembered my addition and posted it. I have difficult hw in my Acer 5820TG laptop and i wasnt sure how generic my fix was. So...I havent been active to post it publicly.

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